Sunday, February 27, 2011

Me and My Dad

I was just standing at the kitchen sink washing the dishes, gazing out the window at my 3 year old daughter helping her daddy in the back yard, and I was instantly taken back to my own childhood.

Back to the time when I would 'help' my Dad on the farm.
I followed Dad around like a little shadow.
If he was at the back door, putting on his hat, I would ask,
"What are you doing, Dad? Can I come?"
I went everywhere with him.

Changing electric fences
Moving irrigation pipes
On the tractor
In the dairy
Mixing grain at the silo
Putting out hay

I have vivid memories...

...of spiky cut lucerne scratching my feet and helping Dad by holding up a hand to the big, long irrigation pipes. When Dad told me I was a good little helper, I believed him.

...of carrying a bundle of fencing poles and stomping them into the ground where Dad said.

...of being the only one with Dad when he was bitten by a snake. I had to run home and tell Mum to call the doctor. Fortunately it must have been a non-venomous tree snake (we didn't see it) but I'm sure that added to my snake phobia.

...of sitting on the tractor with Dad while he drove round and round the paddock ploughing, or planting, or raking hay.

Then I'm snapped back to here and now when my little girl walks in the door, cheeks flushed from being in the sun and a smile on her face because Daddy said, "You're a good little helper."

Me and my Dad


  1. Oh Thea this is a really beautiful post. I absolutely adore my dad and I feel similarly. You've inspired me to think a bit about the memories I have of me and my dad from reading this. Gorgeous.

  2. Beautiful Thea! Love the pic! What beautiful memories. There is just something special about little girls and their dads.....x

  3. Oh Thea. It must be the day for it. I love it when you post about your family. xxx

  4. What an utterly delightful photo! and beautiful post to match.

  5. That's gorgeous Thea, what wonderful memories of your childhood he, and you must have.

  6. Love the photo, Thea, and a lovely post :) x

  7. Lovely post Thea, memories like this are often pushed to the backs of our minds, it's nice to be able to relive them

  8. Lovely post Thea, memories like this are often pushed to the backs of our minds, it's nice to be able to relive them

  9. What beautiful memories, and still so vivid. Love the old photo!

  10. That photo is priceless. I love the image of scratchy lucerne. Lovely, heartfelt post. :)

  11. Sorry Thea. Tried to comment on this before & didn't save! :(

    I have very fond memories of following my Dad around as a kid. I especially enjoyed watching him shave.

    Lovely post. xxx


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