Friday, March 11, 2011

Mystery Photo Friday

It's game time!

Here is a photo.
Can you tell me what it is?

Do you know?
Have a guess and come back later for the big reveal...ooooo.....exciting, huh?

Sorry, no prizes for guessing.
Apart from the thrill of knowing you're a winner!

Well, aren't you a clever bunch!
Either that or it was too easy.
Note to self: make it trickier next week!!
It is this...

Our front door mat.
Everyone's a winner this week!!
And a special mention goes to Jodie for most creative guess.
Congratulations ladies!

See you next week.


  1. yeah i was gonna say doormat too!!!

  2. Oh, I was gonna say doormat too!

    So instead, I'll go with something different.

    Let's see....A dog with a piece of old licorice as a collar?

    Did I get it?!

  3. The big reveal is up!
    Too easy, huh? ;)

  4. well hear I was thinking it was a dog with a funny collar!! ha ha

  5. hahah cute door mat! for a while there it thought it was a blue (fibre optic) cable laying on the ground. hahah



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