Monday, March 14, 2011

Polly IS going to the ABC

I've whinged about it many times before so you probably already know that I am not going to the inaugural Aussie Blogger's Conference this weekend in Sydney.

But Polly is!

She has her virtual ticket, she has already packed her virtual bags and she is virtually excited!

This is what she's wearing, be sure to say hello if you see her because she is also a little virtually nervous.

Dorothy Perkins floral tunic
32 GBP -

Banana Republic cropped legging
$35 -

Tory Burch ballerina flat
$225 -

Miu Miu canvas tote bag
$1,025 -

D g watch
$185 -

Flower earring
$47 -

MNG by Mango sunglass
$36 -

Burberry Brit Women
29 GBP -


  1. I wish it was a little less virtual and a little more real Thea, and that you were attending with Polly....xx

  2. Well, I kind of hope Polly doesn't sit anywhere near me, because she is putting my outfit to shame. SHAME, I tell you.

    We are really going to miss you, Thea. Very much. xxx

  3. Polly looks virtually fantastic. I'll save a place for her.

  4. This is funny. Love it.
    I'm not going either, feels exactly like when I didn't do the deb ball.


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