Saturday, April 16, 2011

Come for a Walk

I'm going for a Saturday stroll.
I'm doing my hill walk.
Want to come?
It only takes 20mins, come on!

Pretty rain covered purple flower in our street.

Another pretty flower on the side of the road.

Nice view from the end of our street, shame about the ugly power lines!

The highway runs right through town, aka the take-away junk food strip.

I love these two houses at the top of our hill.
I imagine they were fairly similar when they were built.
Love how they've been renovated completely differently.

The blue one is my favourite.

The view of our town from the top of the hill.

We'll be walking up this street soon, yes we will!

But for now we're walking down this one.

At the bottom, looking back up.

This field was completely under water during the flood.

OK, up we go.
Come on, don't wimp out on me now!

Half way up.
This house is cute, notice the angle of the street!

Made it to the top.

Now back down to our street.

A fallen frangipani

Who said geraniums are boring?
I love the colour.

A beautiful hibiscus

The house on the corner of our street.
I wish it was my house!

Our street...

...with it's crazy high road/low road.
Did you enjoy the walk?
I hope you're hot and sweaty now.
I am!


  1. Puff. Puff. Phew! I really didn't think I was going to make it up that hill. Thanks for the walk.

  2. Thanks for taking us on your walk! You take lovely flower photos. I like the blue house too :)

  3. Excellent....I have added many steps to my step counter!!
    Next time could you take my dogs with you please? :D

  4. Love the house/angle shot.. otherwise the street doesn't look that steep in the pics!

  5. Thanks for inviting us to come on your walk, it was lots of fun :) Great photos. And that is one BIG hill! x

  6. Love the walk although I think my Dr would freak at the hill if I did that.

    Can we go on a another but different walk soon? please

    (((( Hugs )))) XXXX Kisses XXXX

  7. That was fun. I love a bit of virtual exercise!

  8. I think that was an amazing walk .. And can I pinch the idea.. And maybe tho' you could see who'd be interested in a linked-in thingy to, say
    "let's go for a walk"
    And all the scenes & flowers & houses helped me know you better too.. I can see now why the floods didn't affect you as far as the house was concerned.
    You love all same flowers I do.. And you too found the beauty in the architecture, the angles, design & more!
    Wow! So good. Mind you, I'd be very very puffed out .. Xxx

  9. Ahh lovely Thea! This was a post with a breath of fresh air, thank you! My, you have some pretty houses in your town... yours looks beautiful too!
    Loving all those precious flowers you captured on the way. Hope you enjoyed your walk as much as I did ;o)

  10. I lust over other houses on my walks too. And Denyse, I love that idea. I'll link up if you go for it (though I might need a reminder!)


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