Monday, April 18, 2011

Letting Go of a Dream

You know how some little girls dream of the day they will have a big white wedding, a picture book house with a white picket fence and a family of four children, two boys and two girls including a set of twins?

Well, I was that little girl.

I'm sure I was planning my own wedding from the day I was my aunt's flowergirl at five years old.
And I've always imagined one day living in my dream home. It's not necessarily an extravagant home, well my dream dream home is...but I thought I was being realistic.

Until yesterday.

I've always been a dreamer.
First I dreamed of being a ballerina, what little girl doesn't?
Then of course I was going to marry a prince, or a prince charming at the very least, just like Cinderella.
And finally I would live in a beautiful house and live happily ever after.

Ha! Funny how life really turns out, isn't it?

My dream home looks something like...

But this is more like what we'll probably buy when we finish renovating this house and can find someone to buy it...

I'm sorry if this is your style, but I find these houses ugly. Bricks, tiles and open plans are just not my thing.

I know it sounds a little crazy but the most recurring theme for my real-life-night-time dreams are houses. Not necessarily my dream house but just houses with lots of rooms and I'm often happily lost in them.

I do realize that I have an awful lot to be grateful for, and I am very grateful.
But I am still a little bit sad that we will most likely never live in the house I've always dreamed of.

Bye bye dream house...

...see you in my dreams.


  1. I know what you mean about the big house with all those rooms. Being a cleaner, I realize the implications of this - heaps of housework to do. But still....there is always something magical about those massive Queenslander houses where you can walk through the whole house without even having to backtrack. Every room seems to have doors on both ends. And those wonderful verandas? Sigh!

  2. I love the old style Queenslander houses not only are they are on larger blocks of land then the newer houses.

    The old Queenslanders also have their own rooms so if you just want to heat one room you can (saving on power).

    Where as in the newer homes with open planning its harder to keep the heat in one room as there is really no such thing as one room.

    The one & only thing I do like in the new homes is the open plan kitchen & dinning rooms so you can chat to family/friends while cooking & baking.

    Yes I know you can find this in some of the older Queenslanders but its far & few between.

    (((( Hugs )))) XXXX Kisses XXXX

  3. Oooh, I love those first two houses! I too have a dream home, perhaps a bit like those two. I don't like the new designs at all and fully plan on living in my dream home sooner rather than later. Sure it may have fewer rooms than the one I desire, but then there are only three of us.

    You are the only other person I've ever come across who also dreams about houses! I also have this dream where I wander around a large home, with lots of rooms, lots of light, some stairs and lots of character. It's definitely going on my vision board!

  4. Never say never Thea.

    My day dream & fantasy was always to run along the banks of the Torrens in the sun.

    From the freezing depths of Yorkshire (and very overweight) it seemed totally IMPOSSIBLE.

    And here I am....

    You can make anything happen, if you want to.


  5. I'm with Lucy. I would never have thought I'd survive our renos last year and get the home I always longed for. But we have and I do. I'm always banging on about dreaming big, but more importantly then making it happen. Wishing you lots of dream fruition x

  6. I am obsessed with houses. Beautiful old houses a little like the ones you show. Would take one of those any day over a modern masterpiece.
    Keep dreaming!

  7. ooh the Queenslanders are gorgeous!

  8. Yes me and DA have very dfferent ideas on homes....I love all shabby chic, white washd furniture and big old country bunkin homes...he likes brick and tile morden and glass, big flat screen my holidays are at MY kinda places, after all holidays are dreams away from reality..xo

  9. just saw your reading now...COME BACK TO ME.....awesome book, keeps you guessing.x

  10. I am a dreamer too.
    Although my dream homes are much older than what you dream of too.

    These newer houses of today seem to have much smaller rooms and the likes.

    Oh well dreaming is good....

    I had a wonderful dream the other night... ahhhh....

    Happy dreaming.

  11. I definitely wouldn't give up on your dream yet, hon. You never know!

    Having said that... a house is a house. A HOME on the other hand...and all the wrap around verandahs in the world won't get you a home. That, you build with your heart.


  12. oOoOo your dreams house looks alot like mine!! i love queenslanders.



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