Friday, April 29, 2011

The Royal Wedding Blog Party

The wedding day has finally arrived!

In honour of the royal wedding, I am hosting a Royal Wedding Blog Party. It will be the blog Party of the Century! Well, I can dream...and I do...

If you wish to attend please state your titled name.*

To discover it, choose a title King/Queen/Prince/Princess/Duke/Duchess/Lord/Lady, add one of your grandparents' names. For your territory of reign (if you've chosen a royal title) choose a holiday destination that you have visited.  If you are not royal your surname is one of your pet's names (past or current) double barrelled with a street you have lived on or are living on.

(That's not too confusing is it? Oh, just make something up!!)

Then please choose your head wear for the occasion.




And if you have any tales to tell of brushes with royalty (lame claims are perfectly acceptable) I'd love to hear them.

So, without further ado, may I present...

Queen Isabella of Stradbroke (Island)
That's me.

I'm wearing crown No. 6.


Lady Rita Sebastian-Darcy
That's me, too. I couldn't decide.

I'm wearing hat No. 6.

I have two small tales to share.

In 1985 my parents were invited to a state reception to meet the Duke and Duchess of Kent.

And, the family farm, where I grew up, was once part of the cattle station that was visited by the Duke & Duchess of York (who later became King George VI and Queen Elizabeth who became the Queen Mother) in 1927.

OK, that's my bragging done.
Over to you...

Oh, and what kind of host would I be if I didn't offer you a refreshment?
What can I get for you?

Now don your crown/tiara/hat, settle in, and let's soak up this wedding of the century!

PS Don't forget to join in on Twitter. I'm @TheaTweets and I look like this...

*I saw this on a few Facebook statuses and gave it a little twist.


  1. Lady Jean Maple here i will be attending and wearing Tiara number 3.
    cheers x

  2. Hellooo...I am Lady Charlotte Selma of Mooreville. I'm wearing tiara #5. My brush with royalty was back in 1988 when the Queen visited Tasmania, she drove passed my workplace (I was standing on the footpath with my workmates) and I saw her waving from in the car. Very exciting!

  3. Lady Margorie Skittles of Alexandra. I discovered yesterday that Will is my hubby's 13th cousin. Yes, bow down to me now..... I'm wearing the top tiara - of course! LOL! ;)

  4. Lady Eileen Sandy-Todd at your service! I brought my own family tiara :)

  5. Helleeew, I am Lady Ruby of ... Whitsunday. I am wearing the bottom tiara (emeralds are my favourite). I saw Prince Charles and Princess Diana's legs from the shins down at the Melbourne Cup in 1983 as they disappeared back up into the Members' Boxes at Flemington. That's all I saw by the time I got to the front. Tiara most certainly skewed that day. One was most crestfallen. But still on Cloud #9 being that close to one of my idols (Diana of COURSE!!!!).

  6. Queen Eleanor arriving for a short time. I am wearing tiara #5! I have ridden in the same car as Princess Di and Charles. Not at the same time as them, unfortunately, but as part of a driving program, which they apparently visited down under once. That is my 'lame claim to fame' but nonetheless, here we are! Can't wait for the wedding ceremony!

  7. I am absolutely in love with all those hats... and the crowns! they are all stunning

  8. Love, love your blog - especially the hat and tiara photo section!

    Do you think William and Catherine will be visiting Boyton Beach?

    Fun that they will be in the US after their trip to Canada.

    Keep on blogging!

  9. I am so sorry to have only discovered your blog now. Interesting post and I love Crowns, Tiaras and Royal Weddings. You seem to appreciate the topic so you might enjoy my two blogs on the topic. Check my profile to see more.


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