Saturday, April 30, 2011

The Royal Wedding

Well, if you didn't know I was super excited about the royal wedding you've either been hiding under a rock, or you don't visit me here very often!

And so, it is over.
I mean it has just begun.

The marriage of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge...aka Will & Kate.

It was just so wonderful.
We turned it into a family event.
We all wore tiaras, except for my 6 year old boy.
We all sat on the couch and oooohed and ahhhhed together.
I was most impressed by how into the whole thing my husband was.

And it was perfect.
Kate was the perfect princess bride.
To me she looked like Princess Grace meets Princess Mary meets Maria from the Sound of Music.

I made a prediction months ago about what she might can see that here.
I was a little bit wrong and a little bit right.
She wore lace, as I predicted. And I had the neckline partially correct.
I was surprised she wore long sleeves.
And I loved the way her skirt fell.
I was really hoping for some colour in the bridal party, but as usual it was all ivory, still stunning though.

And the designer was Sarah Burton from the house of Alexander McQueen.
I've read a lot already that the design was too safe.
But I think they got it just right.
It was very traditional and timeless, as I think is Kate.
I don't think she'll put a step out of place.
I think finally we have a royal couple that will work.

I love them both and wish nothing but the best for them.

Did you watch?
What did you think?
Too safe? Too boring? Or just right?

Oh, and she did have a second dress for the second reception. Something I didn't think she'd do.

What do you think of this one?
I love it!

Now I'm waiting for Prince Harry to pop the question.
That wedding will be a doozy!!


  1. I watched. I had a cry. I think it was all lovely. At least as far as entertainment value is concerned. How often do you get to see such a production?

    As to the bride and groom? Who knows? Who can speculate about the future of complete strangers? I wish them all the best....

  2. Once all the pre-wedding crap was over and the real wedding began - Will and Harry arriving and of course Kate in THAT dress - I did shed a happy tear or 10. It was a beautiful wedding. I think Kate got it just right, and put her own stamp on it all. She clearly is besotted, and he with her, which is as it should be. So different to Charle's and Di's debacle, which is really quite sad. I really hope they can make it last forever. And I'm with you - Harry's wedding will be a doozy!

  3. I watched every single second of the lead-up, the ceremony, the carriage procession and the balcony. I wanted to watch it all! I refused to even go to the bathroom after 7pm because I didn't want to miss a single second!

    I also thought Kate's dress was PERFECT. Classic, timeless, beautiful and perfect. She looked like the ultimate princess.

    When I first saw Pippa wearing white, I was a little confused (I thought nobody except the bride was meant to wear white/cream??) but WHOA! SHE HOT! I thought everybody looked amazing (with the exception of Beatrice and Eugenie - what on earth happened there?!)

    I think I was more excited by this wedding than my own future wedding. Sad, but true. Can't wait for Harry and Pippa to tie the knot ;)


  4. I thought that Kate looked absolutely gorgeous, exactly the sort of wedding gown a Princess should wear.
    Yes, I agree about Beatrice and Eugenie. I actually felt embarrassed for those girls in their ridiculous outfits. Not sure about Princess Anne either.
    And Kate was so self assured and confident, so different from the scared-witless Diana on her big day.

  5. Oh I thought it was just magic Thea! I loved EVERY minute and I did not miss a moment. My hubby got into the spirit with me too, which was nice.
    I love them both also. I can't stop looking at Kate in that dress. WOW-EE! She is such a classic beauty. And her sister! Gorgeous! In fact her whole family are a bunch of lookers. Oooo just imagine a Wills & Kate bubba, how exciting :o)
    Glad you enjoyed the event also... as if there was ever any doubt you wouldn't!

  6. It was really the most gorgeous day. I think our entire country had a fabulous time. I watched it at my mums with all the family and cried buckets. She was like a beautiful disney princess bride. Her dress was perfect for her and her evening outfit stunning too. Glad the whole world enjoyed it with us. xx

  7. Glad you enjoyed it Thea! Was great wasn't it?

  8. She is a classic beauty and so I think her dress was spot on! Just beautiful.
    How lovely that you watched it as a family. That's really special. You'll all remember it forever. :)

  9. I thought it was perfect, Thea. Really beautiful, moving...I couldn't get enough of it. I can't wait to see all the pics in the mags come Monday. ;)


  10. The TV was left on at the dinner party I went to - some sat at tables where they could see.. but I was enjoying the company and wine too much.. didn't see much!

  11. Thea of course I watched all day long! Proud to be British, delighted the wedding was enjoyed by people from all over the world including you. Thankyou for your lovely tribute to the British Monarchy on such a wonderful day.

  12. I woke up at 3am to watch from Toronto because I didn't want to miss a thing! It was devine, and everything I was hoping it would be. I have to admit I've watched it again in repeat.

    Oh, to marry a prince! :)

  13. Hell yeah, I watched it. I loved her dress and holy hell, I absolutely adored and worshipped and drooled over her second dress.

  14. I think I'm the only person in the world that didn't see it! Largely due to the fact I don't have TV...
    Thanks for the pics though, she looks gorgeous!
    I particually love the second one.

  15. I watched the wedding and I got the same impression from it. They are two people in love and since it wasn’t arranged and they fell in love the way they wanted too, it’s bound to last. I thought Kate looked amazing and I think she knows that she has huge shoes to fill and she’s ready to do that. I don’t like how everyone is comparing her to Princess Diana because that’s his mom and I just don’t think its right.


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