Wednesday, May 18, 2011

I Don't Get It...No wait...I Do!

Something twigged as I watched Masterchef tonight.
I LOVE this show but I do.not.get why anyone would put themselves through such stress!
Tonight as Gary & George were explaining to the contestants that they were going to put up SEVEN dishes in teams at a popular pub...the looks on the faces of the contestants was excitement.
I wondered why the hell anyone would want to do that.
I sat there and just didn't get it.
I'm sure if I was presented with such a challenge I would be thinking, 'Are you kidding? That's ridiculous!'
And then the light bulb went on.
I imagined being in the same situation with a different challenge.
If the challenge was something in the way of fashion design or fashion styling then....HELL YEAH...I get the excitement!
Oh, to be able to work in a team of equally excited people.
Doing something we all loved.!

I love to eat, but I to cook.

Relating the challenge to something I do love, however, made me get it!

What would be your dream challenge?
Are you an undiscovered Masterchef?
Or do you have a different passion?
And why isn't that on telly already??


  1. Oh Thea, I watched with baited breath. When I ran restaurants, that was the volume and style of the kitchens I worked in - and when a crew knows what they are doing and can send good food out fast, hour after hour, it's just amazing. The adrenalin high...ohhhh, tonights Masterchef made me miss the industry!

  2. How interesting is that! It's got to be whatever is your passion that helps you "see how" and that would be you easily doing a sewing challenge... Me not! And from what Lucy said, it's an adrenaline rush. Like a performance I guess. Isn't it great when that lightbulb moment strikes!!!!

  3. Lots of things I could get excited about but cooking is not one of them. Leisurely cooking with plenty of time, wine and friendsd to chat to, I get. Pressure cooker cooking, no!

  4. I'm not watching MC this year (actually I'm lucky if baby chatterbox lets me watch anything!) but that sounds full on! I love cooking, but not that much!

    Throw me a sewing challenge though... That'd be fun!

  5. Oooo, we love Masterchef around here. Tonight's challenge was really good, but I think the same way... why would you want to do that??
    I'm with you, give me ANYTHING to do with fashion, from designing to buying and I'd be all over it. In fact, I think a fashion buyer could be just about the most perfect job in the world.

  6. Hmmm, getting dressed without falling over; parking without denting my car? Seriously, it would probably have something to do with writing. Maybe punching out a novel under the mentorship of some great Aussie writers. But that probably wouldn't be an interesting as serving raw steak to dozens of people.

  7. What MaidinAustralia said.

    But then, I don't know if I could put myself under that kind of pressure for ANYthing.

    I kind of wish I'd joined the MC bandwagon - everyone is soooo hooked.

  8. I have absolutely no desire to be a chef or cook in a commercial kitchen. I go through bouts of being inspired to cook at home. And I am a good cook... But nah. Not remotely interested in it (or the show - I know, I think I"m the only Australian not watching it)

  9. As an ex-chef I find m/c mindly amusing however my fiance (head chef) finds is a special kind of torture and whinges and whines when it's on. I would love to see a beauty/makeup artist show on tv! x

  10. I love to cook, but home cooking, not restaurant style. The stress of MC would be enormous, and as I HATE seafood, I'd last about a day on the show!
    My ex brother in law is a chef, and I've spent enough time around him & others to know it's very different to the show. But I love watching it, and being an armchair critic is great!


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