Saturday, May 28, 2011


There was movement at the station...

You probably know, or have heard, the rest.

It's seems that the time has come for us to move on.
I knew it would happen eventually.
This was never our forever home and my husband has been slowly growing more and more pissed off disgruntled with living here.
So, change is in the wind.
We've never been big planners.
Things just seem to happen to us.
When something comes up and it feels right, we go with it.

At the moment it feels like that is happening.
A house that is on the market was brought to his attention and it piqued his interest.
Is it right for us?
We're still not sure.
But it has pressed the time-to-move button and now we're discussing options.

The lovely old house that started all of this and has a lot going for it...and a lot not.
Buy land and!


Or something like this??

Tossing...turning...discussing...weighing options.

It's never easy, is it?
Being on the cusp?

I guess time will tell and as we always say...

The universe will provide

I just wish I knew what it's going to provide...right now...

'Cause I'm an impatient bugger!


  1. Exciting stuff though! Good luck with it and keep us posted ... I always liked the idea of an oak framed cabin myself!

  2. I love old houses- new ones just don't seem to have the same soul. Or problems, I guess. Good luck with it all!

    PS I hate change , so I hate moving, lol.

  3. How exciting! You know what they say... Home is where the heart is...wherever you live will be a happy and loving home for your lovely family!

    Good luck!

    Take care and happy weekend,

  4. Exciting! I think both have their pros and cons, and only you know what you will need long term.

    Good luck. Ugh. I hate moving. We're almost certainly moving in the next 3-6 mths and I'm already feeling sick at the thought of it.

  5. Yay exciting times ahead!!!

  6. I wanna move but too much work to be done on this house that I hate with a passion. You're so lucky in my eyes with the exception of the actual moving process.

  7. This is very exciting Thea... and a little nerve wracking too, I would assume!? I always get quite in the zone when searching for property. It almost becomes an obsession. You will find the right nook for your family, I'm certain of it. And when you do, I'd love to see a pic ;o) Good luck with all the decision making that goes along with it xo

  8. I moved every year of my childhood at least once, so you can imagine my reluctance to do it now.

    I am sure that wherever you choose you will make it a lovely home for your family.

    Good luck with the decision making process. The unknown can be quite exciting!

  9. Very exciting times (and stressful and nerve wracking). Like you said, something will come along, just like it did for us. Enjoy the process!

  10. Very exciting!
    I am a believer int he universe will provide... or at least give you a shove in the right direction!

    I love the first house in the pic.. I'm a sucker though for character like that.. character that needs a whole lot of work!

    Good luck, and try to enjoy the process xxx

  11. The right thing will come to you both. It will xx


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