Sunday, May 29, 2011

Sunday Session

On Sundays I pop two favourite songs onto my blog.
An oldie but a goldie.
And a newbie, fresh from the charts, or fresh from the past five years.
But I often break these rules, you can too of course!
Here are my picks for this week.
You can play along by linking up below.
And grab the button on the side bar if you want.
Can't wait to hear your picks.

Happy Sunday!

This oldie popped into my head recently...probably something to do with number of Barbies my Miss3 is amassing!

And continuing on the 'girl' theme but on a whole nother level...I saw this on the Oprah final shows this week.
Hmmmm.....I think Beyonce is gorgeous, I love her voice and dayamn can she dayance?!
But this just may be a little too full on for me.
What do you think??


  1. I used to like Beyonce but feel she's let the team down with this one, with the swearing - hardly something you can recommend to the kids. And also, there is something just horrid about the whole song. I don't see her talent in this one.
    Barbie Girl is a classic!

  2. Love listening to Aqua thanks to my daughter.

    As for Run The World (Girls) not even a lot of younger people who this is aimed at like it, she has lost a lot of fans with this one.

    (((( Hugs )))) XXXX Kisses XXXX

  3. That is just too spooky. I was thinking of this Aqua song earlier this week too, because I was trying to think of things that irritate me. This is one of those songs. Do you know the REALLY irritating thing? When I hear it, I can't help but sing along! I have a love/hate relationship with this song.

    No, I considered the Beyonce song for my picks, but I couldn't even listen to the whole thing before switching off, the video reminds me of Russell Brand's character's video in the movie Get Him to The Greek, way OTT.

    I've told you how much I enjoy our Sunday Session right? I have had my post all ready to go waiting for this morning, but then we had a tennis tournament, so I am late just the same. Thanks for hosting this excellent meme.


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