Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Pass the Book

Last night I finished a book that I was given by Anj after she wrote this post.

She had a giveaway of books from her bookshelf and asked for her readers to say which book they'd like.
I couldn't decide so I left it up to Anj. She sent me this one...

I enjoyed it, it was a good read.

Here's the blurb...

While 30-something Londoner Tessa King questions her no-strings-attached lifestyle, she also witnesses her friends' difficulties in marriage and parenthood while playing godmother to their broods. Nick and Francesca battle to keep their sullen teenager out of serious trouble; Billy, a single mom, can't break ties to her now remarried ex-; Helen and Neil, fairy tale parents to twin boys, are hiding something; successful Claudia and Al struggle to conceive; and Ben and Sasha have no plans to have children. But Ben also happens to be Tessa's best friend, and perhaps the love of her life. When tragedy eventually strikes the group, bonds are tested, and Tessa is forced to re-examine what she thinks will really make her happy. A painful look into the fears, doubts and desires that make and break marriages, this debut novel from Londoner Adams is notches up from the usual chick and mom lit fare.

But when I finished I thought, "Uh oh, another book for my finished book pile, because I have no room on my bookshelf!"

Then I had this thought...

What if I pass this book to someone else in the same way Anj passed it to me?
I wonder how far it will travel and how many hands can hold it??

So, if you'd like to keep the book moving, all you have to do is say so in the comments and promise to pass it on in the same way when you have finished.
I have added a Linky to this post so that you could add your post and we can follow the book on its travels.
If you want to be know what to do.

Thanks Anj for passing this one onto me.
I'll put the names of anyone interested in a hat and draw one out next Tuesday.


  1. I'd love to read it, and would be happy to pass it on.

  2. What a fantastic idea! Love to read it and pass it on Thea x

  3. throw my name in please what a super duper idea love e x

  4. Oh Thea, that is a sensational idea. Count me in lovely girl. xx

  5. I think this is a fabulous idea, Thea! However, don't put me in your draw...because I have SO many books to read at the moment.

    Even though I'm adding to my pile! ;)


  6. Oh I would love this too please! I'd be very happy to receive it and then pass it one once read. Thanks

  7. Oh my goodness!!! I'm so bad, I completely forgot to pick a person on Tuesday. Just remembered. And Naomi is the lucky winner this time. Thanks for the comments everyone. :)


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