Sunday, May 22, 2011

Autumn In Our Local Park

I love the colours of Autumn.
Unfortunately, we don't see many around here, it's still very green...
which is still nice...
but the park close to us is proudly displaying some Autumn loveliness.


  1. Gorgeous pics Thea. We have a tree here that has green, maroon, orange and yellow leaves, it's just spectacular!

  2. Yes, Thea, that is one of the ( very few) things I miss about living further South. When we lived in Melbourne we would go for drives to the Dandenongs in the Autumn and the display of colours was just amazing.

  3. Beautiful colours Thea, but I am thankful that we have summer to enjoy here first :)

  4. Gorgeous. I love Autumn...

    So much so that I'm doing a similar post myself, and as I wait for the photos to load I'm flicking over to some blogs - and I see this! Great minds think alike :)

  5. Yes, yes, yes. I do love Autumn. There is so much changing! Beautiful photos. If you want to see my liquid ambar tree, come see my latest blog post ;-)

  6. Gorgeous pictures. I love autumn and spring, both for the leaves and blossom. xx

  7. Oh, how I wish we did Autumn here as they do in the Northern Hemisphere. It might be the ONLY thing I regret about living down here (I love Australia, QLD in particular).

    Gorgeous pics, Thea.

  8. Autumn's beautiful. We're just heading summer-wards here... but autumn's probably my fave - lovely pics!

  9. Beautiful photos Thea! Autumn is such a gorgeous season. This weekend I have seen many magic Autumn sights, which have really made me smile. It helps that the sun has shone brightly for the entire weekend. Nothing quite like brilliant sunshine on rich golden leaves... and the burgundy colours... just sensational! Thanks for sharing the loveliness xo


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