Thursday, May 12, 2011

Pleated Polly

Danimezza has called for pleats for Polly this week.

I haven't owned anything with pleats for ages, but I do love a good pleat.
So does Polly, who is off to work again.
I don't know where she works but it must be somewhere fancy schmancy!
And I have noticed Polly loves to wear red to work.
It's been a little chilly in the mornings lately, so she has her favourite red trench coat.
I almost picked this one for the trench challenge awhile back.

Anyhow, here's Polly in pleats...

Lanvin satin top
$1,260 -

Lanvin silk trench coat
$1,985 -

Chloé silk skirt
$2,295 -

G by Guess lace hosiery
$11 -

ASOS zips shoes
$81 -

Gucci pocket tote
$4,200 -

Alexis bittar jewelry
$425 -

Cathy Waterman coral jewelry
$8,460 -

Lancôme 50ml Magnifique eau de parfum
48 GBP -

This fun challenge is the brain child of Danimezza...
Click on the button to play along.


  1. I have *such* a crush on your Polly. If any of her clothes start to go missing, or you notice someone going through her trash at not my Polly.

    No restraining order needed.....yet. (Your Polly is seriously HOT though).

  2. Wow those two colours look amazing together. You should be a stylist. xxx

  3. Love, Love, LOVE the red! I want to work where your Polly does, especially if the clothes come with the job! lol

  4. I am loving the red and the beige/bone together! not something i would normally go for but i'm really liking it...

  5. I'm guessing you didn't meet Polly at work! I would love to have that sort of wardrobe for work but could imagine the damage.....eek!

  6. Polly is rockin' the tan and red trend! :) I nearly chose those boots too!

  7. I want that skirt, it looks so soft and swishy.
    I'm loving the red and tan, beautiful while strong. Polly is such a power shaker!

  8. I'm pretty much loving ALL these elements. Especially those booties, the bag, the skirt and the trench. Yummo!! Love it.


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