Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Vegetable Patch

We, and by we I mean my husband, have created a lovely little vegetable/herb patch in our back courtyard. Herbs, lettuce, tomatoes, chilli picked and eaten immediately are divine. They truly taste soooooooo much better than anything you can buy at the shops. And we've my husband has had great success...mostly...

We've been putting the basil and Vietnamese Mint (which does not taste minty at all) in and on absolutely everything!

The tomatoes are absolutely delicious!

These little orange chillies are really cute and man do they pack a punch. Whoooo!


The lettuces were lovely but are finished now.
The corriander, capsicums and something else are coming along nicely.

The carrots look good here...

...but I think we have a small problem...

Hmmmmm....perhaps we'd better keep buying carrots at the shop!


  1. ahahaha ... and something else... hehehe.
    We found that carrots like to be in the real ground ... we had the same when we planted in pots.
    You've inspired me to try vegies in pots again.

  2. Oh Thea I have been seriously toying with setting up a little vegie patch of some kind. Past failures have put me off. But these gorgeous pics are making me inclined to change my mind!

  3. Ah, lovely. Fresh food! Nothing like it.

    I'd really like to put together a herb garden again. I had one years and years ago, but haven't had one in our current home. I'm forever throwing unused herbs away. Such a waste.

  4. WOW! I wish I could pick that basil right off my computer screen, I love basil and yours looks super shiny & healthy, Yum!
    Tomatoes look gorgeous too!
    The carrots just made me laugh, but you're on the right track it seems :o)
    It would be so nice to be self sufficient with your own produce... you're right, the shop bought fruit & veg just doesn't cut it. I have stopped buying anything fresh from the supermarkets, only the green grocers will do.

  5. I love food fresh from the garden. I was a little sad to leave a full veggie patch behind when we moved... As for your carrots... hmm... I know a few guinea pigs who'd love them :)

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  7. I hope my herb garden grows like yours! The carrots are very cute :)


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