Sunday, May 8, 2011

Sunday Session

On Sundays I pop two favourite songs onto my blog.
An oldie but a goldie.
And a newbie, fresh from the charts, or fresh from the past five years.
But I often break these rules, you can too of course!
Here are my picks for this week.
You can play along by linking up below.
And grab the button on the side bar if you want.
Can't wait to hear your picks.

Happy Sunday!

This week's oldie is a song I haven't heard for ages and I absolutely adore it!

I finally found a newbie in the charts that I like. I love music videos that tell a story and this one is really cool. Love the sound too. It reminds me of someone but can't think who. Any ideas?



  2. I have no idea how to create a link to your page. Wish I did though.

    Anyway, I've done my Sunday Session and am off to enjoy Mother's Day. Have a great day everyone!!!


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