Friday, May 6, 2011

Completely Unattractive

I'm about to go way out on a limb here.
I'm outing myself!
I'm just about to admit....
that there are some people (generally famous because that's who everyone knows, right?)
that I don't find at all attractive.
And I just don't get the attraction. goes...

George Clooney

Jamie Lee Curtis

Pippa Middleton

There's just three for starters.
For the past week (yes, it has been a whole week since THE wedding) every time I or anyone else raises the royal wedding, all I've heard is....How about the sister???

How about the sister? Meh. Do not find her one bit attractive. Kate/Catherine/Princess/Duchess/Whatever has is all over Pippa in my opinion.

And then there's the opposite.
Who do you find attractive that no one else seems to?
Until yesterday I thought Prince William was super cute!

Seems not, to some.
At my mum's group, two mums said he was ugly...UGLY!?
Sorry, don't see it.
I think he's lovely, always have, always will.

It's a good thing we all have different attractive vision though or we'd all be lusting after the same person and everyone else would be left on the shelf.

Who are your





  1. Ooh, big call on Clooney. I didn't find him remotely attractive back in his ER days. But I confess, as he ages, the grey....I'm won over. Exactly the same with Brad Pitt.

    I think Catherine is far more beautiful than Pippa (I did love Pippa's dress though...).

    Mmm..Will have to think about mine and get back to you.

  2. Agree with you about George Clooney - never done anything for me at all ....

    And Prince William is made even more handsome by the fact he reminds me of his mother and comes across as actually caring about people...

  3. I don't generally find celebrities attractive ... they "work too hard" at it. What I do find attractive are normal women who are real - like you?

    "Pretty" is much more attractive than "beautiful" because beautiful usually is what the media says - not what most men prefer.

  4. I agree with you re Pippa Middleton. I mean, she looked okay but nothing special. Too skinny and too much fake tan on the Big Day I thought ... just my 2 cents worth.

    I've never understood the fuss about Elle McPherson. Next time you see a photo of her, just look - her head is way too small for her body!!! It's so weirdly out of proportion!!!

  5. Clooney, double meh (if i could be bothered). i see so many people just walking around who i find far more appealing. maybe, as Mark say, celebrities just work too hard at it! xt

  6. George Clooney has huge appeal to me in a wicked bad boy kind of a way. Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt have always left me cold. Patrick Swayze had the X-factor for me, as does Bruce Willis. I feel true attraction for these 2 men, not in a sexual way, just in a 'I'd like to be your friend' kind of way.
    Great looking women in my view are Demi Moore, Helen Hunt and Cameron Diaz.

  7. 'Always have, always Will' - that's gold right there Thea!! :) I'm so with you on the George Clooney thing. Don't get the Brad Pitt thing either. Or the Angelina Jolie thing for that matter either. Bet they don't rate me either though, so it all balances out in the end. xx

  8. I totally get what you're saying about 'don't get it' attractions.
    My biggest 'don't get it' is Megan Fox. I have no idea how she acts, as I've never watched anything she's in. BUT I find her completely ordinary and really don't see what all the fuss is about.
    I think Pippa is cute, but Kate is beautiful! I certainly don't understand the facebook fan page for her butt. What the??
    I think Wills is quite dashing actually, definitely not ugly.

  9. Oh, I LOVE George Clooney!

    I'm not fussed about Brad Pitt. Sometimes, he can look in Mr & Mrs Smith. Other times....meh.

    Will's not my type. Henry Cavill now...wooohoooo!

    Someone pass me a fan.

  10. I'm with you on the George Clooney front. I just don't get it?

    Wills *is* lovely. Pippa is pretty, but Kate certainly is the looker in that family.

    "Hot" celebs I don't get:

    Colin Farrell
    Cameron Diaz
    Jake Gyllenhaal (sp?)

  11. Don't notice how late / early this comment is... Ok?

    Don't find attractive:
    Guys with the stubble thing eg the Drs on Greys anatomy
    Models with the skinny skinnies who say " I eat whatever I like"

    specific people:
    Keira Knightly (bend it like beckham turned me right off her)
    Ralph Fiennes - in Schindlers list he was an asshole ( did I write that??)
    Any Man whose Surname is Sheen (not Mr)
    any Woman whose surname is Kardashian

    Find attractive?
    cute kids .... Not Dressed up to look like kidults

    That's all from me! D xx

  12. I don't get the whole David Beckham thing at all
    Nor Naomi Campbell
    Nor Megan Fox

    I have a complete thing for
    David Bowie
    Hugh Laurie
    Jason Statham (oh yeah :)

    I thought the whole Middleton family were rather handsome!

  13. I've never thought Brad Pitt was hot - he always seemed too boyish to me. Same thing with Johnny Depp (esp after Willy Wonka!).

    I really like Sam Neill. Same with Harrison Ford, though he's getting a bit long in the tooth...

    Love Helen Mirren. Who says you have to be young to be sexy?

  14. Are you the same Thea who comments on Sam de brito's blog? If so I often agree with your comments, love your blog.

  15. Oh Kristin - I have *such* a girl crush on Helen Mirren (and Judi Dench for that matter). Not a 'god that's sexy and I'd turn for them' way. I just want to have them for dinner. Can you imagine what an amazing dinner you'd have.

  16. Never liked Tom Cruise, far too smarmy. I don't even like the sound of his voice!
    And Elle Macpherson is annoying, especially when she opens her mouth.
    Real people are far more interesting and therefore beautiful than celebrities.

  17. I don't get George, Brad, Johnny, Tom..... not really my thing at all.

    I've always had a "thing" for Pierce Brosnan.

  18. I'm not a Clooney fan, either.

    And while I don't think William is ugly, I much prefer Harry!

  19. Tom Cruise - bleh! Not a George/Brad/Angelina/Johnny Depp fan either. LOVE Wills! And think it has a lot to do with his mother's influence on him. I think I've echoed you and most of your commenters, so I'm not saying anything new.

    Crush that nobody else gets? Hmmm... thinking... I ratethese as people I can't stop watching if they're on screen and the only one I can think of right now is Rachel McAdams.??? Is that embarrassing or not? I don't know...


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