Friday, June 17, 2011

Could This Be A Winner?

Hold the phone people, I think I'm onto something!

I've battled, I've struggled, I've pretty much given up on getting my 6 year old boy to try new food.
He pretty much eats the same thing every day...for breakfast, lunch and dinner.
And I'm pretty much!

But, what can you do?
I've read loads of books, blogs, and advice on getting children to eat healthily.
I have Jessica Seinfeld's book for Christ's sake!
I don't use it, but I have it.

Anyhow, any of you who know anything about my boy will know he gets hooked on things.
Last year it was the solar system, the year before that it was numbers, before that it was get the idea.

His thing-of-the-moment is the world.
The globe, world maps, countries, population, languages, and any facts and figures that pertain.

So, here's the brain wave.
I happened to pick up a packet of Asian rice snacks in the supermarket.
You these...

...but there was no way he was going to try them...
I told him they were Japanese.
You should have seen his eyes light up.
He tried them.
He liked them!
And now he thinks he might even give sushi a go...
because of course I told him that is Japanese, too.

This is a major breakthrough, people!

I'm excited.

Now I'm looking up food from around the world like it's an assignment worth 100%!

Wish me luck and suggestions are most welcome.


  1. Oh mate, that is indeed a huge lightbulb moment! High five yourself! (and learn how to make sushi, if you don't already, really really quickly)

  2. cool... Chinese, Italian, German, Greek, American (well that could be almost anything lol) oh the fun you'll have!!!

  3. Oh wow! That would be awesome! Maybe I should tell mine that Ben 10 eats nothing but vegetables?

  4. I get this, I cannot tell you how much I get this...

    Doing the happy dance here!

  5. If only that would work with my 20 month old grandson.

  6. Congratulations!

    You can put just about anything on a kabob, throw it on the grill and call it Greek food.

    Don't forget the hummus.

  7. You may have a problem when he goes through the Dinasaur Stage!

  8. When the kids were little I used to get them to eat things by telling them Anthony from the Wiggles loved them!
    Now we also do foods around the world, and we also try our own versions of foods cooked on Masterchef or even the Curtis Stone ads. Funny how that helps!
    French crepes, Japanese curry, Sushi, burritos and tacos, are among the family faves that they will always help to make and eat.


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