Saturday, June 18, 2011


Favourite things can say a lot about a person, don't you think?

Last night I was all cozy on the couch when my husband walked in and asked,
"What are you doing?"

I proudly announced,
"Watching my favourite show, with my favouite drink, my favourite snack and my favourite passtime."

And what were these four favourites?

"Escape To The Country"

Red wine

Blue cheese

So, now of course I want to know your favourite four,
and any other favourites you care to share.
Because, as I said, favourite things say a lot about a person.
And I'd love to know a little more about you.

PS "Escape to the Country" may be my favourite TV show, but "Downton Abbey" is my favourite TV series. I love love love love love it!


  1. Hmmmm. It probably comes as no surprise to you that that sounds like the perfect evening to me. Although I'd probably swap blue cheese with swiss cheese. Though if I was swapping I'd probably swap cheese with lollies (I have such a sweet tooth). Oh and knitting with crocheting ;)
    I love Escape to the Country, and I'm enjoying DA, but I'm loving the series Boardwalk Empire currently!

  2. Hmm, at the moment my favourite program is probably Offspring. Fave food, real quality gelato, fave thing to do is read, and fave drink,English breakfast tea.

  3. OOooh, probably sitting on the couch watching Entourage with a Stella and checking Twitter. God, I am so bloody predictable. xx Great idea Thea.

  4. if we are talking favourite way to spend an evening on the couch, i would say:
    — watching Big Bang Theory, with
    — a fresh cup of dandelion coffee,
    — nibbling on a nutty, dark choc florentine,
    — catching up on a week's worth of newspapers!

    bliss! xt

  5. Favourite show (there are quite a few), but let's go with Mad Men, love diet coke OR sparkling wine, I am hooked on sweet things... cakes, choccies, biscuits, lollies and fave pass time would have to be blogging or reading... one in the same really.

  6. LOTS of buzz about Downton Abbey. I LOVE it too!

    Love red wine too and blue cheese! I don't knit, but I'd happily sit with a good book in hand which I'd read in the ad breaks - as I sometimes do!


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