Friday, June 24, 2011

Shoulder Height

The profile picture I have on Facebook at the moment is a family one.
The four of us taken a couple of months ago.
I love it for lots of reasons...
...and one is that we are staggered in height to each other's shoulder height.
I am up to my husband's shoulder (and I always will be).
Our 6 year old boy is up to my shoulder.
And our 3 year old girl is up to her brother's shoulder.

It won't be like that forever...or much longer.
I'm guessing eventually I'll be the little one in the family.
I'm pretty sure our boy will be at least as tall as his dad.
And our little girl will most likely grow taller than me.

Do heights mean anything to you?
I think this time for us is pretty cool.


  1. That is a great photo!
    It does become scary when you suddenly have a 6ft 2in 17 year old who can tower over the top of you & yiu have to look up to make eye contact, it means their growing up.
    Where has the time gone?

  2. I love that photo. I remember seeing it for the first time. I love the notion of the height pattern! Sweet. My grandkids are now taller than me (12yo & 14yo. The 12yo girl is, much to her older sister's annoyance, taller than her! So 12 yo got my hub's genes ( he "used" to be 6'2") and 14yo got more of mine (still 5'2")
    I always loved that I fitted right under B's chin. However, it also meant we never made eye contact!!
    D xx

  3. Fantastic pic.
    It feels like every day my little man's crown is creeping up my body!

  4. How CUTE is your family! You are all just so gorgeous.

    What does height mean to me? Personal disappointment...destined to be shortest in both my families. Dad and brother tall. Mr11 still an inch or so shorter than me, but soon shall tower. Girl will very likely outgrow me. My grandparents were all 5'1 or under. Genetic lotto. :/

  5. What a beautiful family photo :) I remember the day my mum realised my brother and I were taller than her - she was devastated! I'm not too short, not too tall, so I don't really give much thought to my height, except when I meet up with my two TINY girlfriends... then I have to give some serious thought to my choice of shoe so I don't end up looking like a giant! xxx

  6. What a gorgeous photo - it reminds me that we need to take more photos of the three of us, we haven't had one all year and Miss A is growing so fast. You should take a shot like that every year to show the height as it changes. x

  7. I love your pic. So relaxed and natural!

    What a gorgeous family.

    I think my 7yo is going to be the shorter one in the family. My Dad and my sister are the 'shorties' in the family. I'm not what you would call tall, but I guess I'm 'average' height.

    I'm just amazed all the time how big all our boys are getting. Imagine when they're all grown men? Yikes?!

  8. Aw beautiful family shot Thea. My hubby is tall, but so am I, so I think our boys may end up towering over the both of us, as they say children inevitably end up taller than their parents. As long as they are a good height, I'll be happy. I think it's nice for boys to be a bit on the taller side.

  9. Height in my family is defined as "who is less short?" My grandtwins don't have a prayer - my son, at 5 foot seven inches is the giant of the family. His wife is barely 5 feet. I am under 5.5 feet and my wife and daughter are each 5'1".

    My roommate in college was close to 7 feet tall and was best man at my wedding. I felt sorry for the poor photographer.


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