Thursday, July 28, 2011


I began this blog a little over two years ago...not really knowing why.
Can you tell by the title?
I guess I saw a lot of people doing it and wondered if I could give it a go.
I saw it as a way to get things off my chest.
And a way to connect because I don't get out much and don't have a close support network of real life friends.

So I envisaged my space as being a conversation or sharing space.
I felt it was like having you all over for coffee and chatting or whinging or showing off something new I made or bought.

But it appears I've taken my blog/s to a place that doesn't hold much interest for most of my readers.
I feel like I'm inviting everyone over for coffee and no one is turning up.

So I'm resting my space for a bit.

I'll still do the Sunday Session...and probably Polly.

But my words don't resonate and that just makes me feel like a failure, so I'll shut up for a bit.


  1. Please don't feel that way. I do know how you feel though. I feel the same when no one comments and then I tell myself that's not why I started my blog. Of course I wanted people to read. Comments were the extra bonus. x

  2. I love coffee talk....especially if my mug has a lit'l Bailey's in it, then you can't shut me up.

    don't go away!! pleeasseEE!!

  3. I do know how you feel as well.I decided though since I just returned after months gone, that if anything else it would give me an excuse if you will to improve my writing skills etc.I dont really care if I have loads of comments or followers this time.Last time I had 300 over a period of time.Im happy with just me this time and seeing a few friends here and there.Dont worry people are reading they are just lazy and dont want to post.

    You know you could vist one person 500 times in a week,that doesnt mean they will visit you and comment.Its called blogging right???I dont think some get it yet LOL.I found out the last time if your lazy and cant at least stop by and say hi once in a while following isnt important.

  4. I'm so sorry to hear that Thea. When I get the chance to read posts, I will often pop in here first. You often ask some questions that I have wondered myself or expressed some emotion that I have felt also. You have a vulnerability and honesty in your writing that really appeals.

    You could be resonating with someone who doesn't feel comfortable commenting, perhaps too shy. I know that I have readers who never comment, but read regularly just the same.

    You have to do what you feel is right for you, but I do hope you find the joy in writing again. You are a treasure, and I would surely miss your blogging.

  5. Awwww...I mostly feel that way too, that nobody cares, nobody reads. I have breaks, but I come back as I guess it's in some ways a bit of an online diary, and I figure that maybe I'll just blog for me.

  6. I guess you can see by the comments here that we all feel that way at times. My last Blog was pretty much about the same thing - is anyone really interested in what I have to say?
    But there are definitely a few of us who look forward to reading your Blogs and it would be a pity if you stopped writing.

  7. Wow I thought it was just me.
    I've felt like I've been hosting the party no one turned up to since starting my blog (except for my friends pity posts) and it was only through my first link with you that I suddenly felt the joy of connecting with like minded people thus spurring my linking addiction lol
    I don't need to tell you but the validation of getting comments and followers gets rather addictive.

    At first my outlook was all about giving people what "they" want in a blog. Entertainment plus.
    But its exhausting and quite frankly it feels unauthentic and that's not what makes a personal blog special.
    So what if we don't get 50 comments a day or 2000 followers in a year it's about the creative release, about sharing yourself with the world and be damned if no one wants to look at it I'm putting it out there in their faces anyway hehe.
    Please don't stop sharing yourself with us - I've only just found you :)

  8. Oh Thea, please don't think that. I've always been a fan of your blog, since I started blogging myself. I think you have a fantastic thing going on with BOTH of your blogs, I really do.
    My blog is a very low traffic area, but I absolutely love and appreciate every single comment. I have days where I feel like yourself and that no one thinks my writing is worthy of reading... BUT then I remember that I did start the blog as a record for my boys, so I pull myself out of it. I for one will be disappointed if you don't continue, however, I totally respect your decision if you do so. Hugs xo

  9. PLEASE don't go! 2 years ago I had a 6 month old, no clue and no life and you kept me sane! I don't comment much because of the same reason you are going to stop....what does Thea really care about my opinion or similar story.....maybe it's lack of confidence on both our parts but please, when you don't blog I get sad, don't leave me.......

  10. Well that's whinge about no comments prompted the most comments I've had in ages.

    Thank you all so much. I can't tell you how much your words mean.

    Now I feel loved instead of feeling like a loser.

    I might just have a little sook, get over myself, and get back into it, huh?

    Especially for Libby!! ;)


  11. Huh, this is spooky timing...I've just started blogging and I've been wondering how I was ever going to engage with others from the blogging community. Now I see that lots of folk have quiet times and maybe no one will ever be interested in the crap I have to say but Katsicles summed it up for me. It's about the creative release...I love to write and from what little I have seen so far of your material, so do you! :o) Go on, keep at it!

    Cheryl x

  12. Yippee! Or you could just send me daily emails, that would work as well ;-P

  13. Thea I have been an awful commenter lately. I always read your blog, it was one of the first Aussie blogs I started reading. Please don't go xxx

  14. Yes, you do really wanna blog! But take a break, if you need, and then come back. Please xx

  15. I hope you're feeling more positive Thea? I've been making a concerted effort to comment on people's blogs instead of just reading them, and hoping that they will do the same in return.
    I caught up with a friend tonight and was telling a story about something, where I had asked for advice. She said "yes, I read it on your blog", then went on to give me her opinion. I wasn't annoyed, but I was a bit miffed that she couldn't have commented last week!

  16. You know I have been through a bloggy break and it was the best thing I ever did. Don't give up though because we will miss you and your passion and honesty. Please don't even consider comments. I read nearly all of the blogs I follow on my google reader so don't leave comments all the time. Please know that I read your posts often!

    Take care and see you tomorrow!

    Best wishes,

  17. I forgot to comment last week to say...
    I only just found you through danimezza's blog so I hope you'll still post because I've enjoyed what I've read so far!


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