Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Meant To Be

I'm not really much of a shopper.
That is, it's never on my list of...

'Things I Love To Do'


I don't like to spend money.

I do, however, love to look at pretty things.
But I don't like to do it as a social activity.

So basically, I like to wander around a large shopping centre or mall all by myself just like a Nigel but not buy anything.

Sometimes, I do buy things, of course.
Well, you have to, don't you?
But it's always after careful consideration.
Often I have to go away, or go home, and think about it.
And the moment someone like my husband says,
"Are you sure it's what you want?"
I lose all confidence, shopping paralysis sets in, and I buy nothing.
Hence my need to shop alone.

Two weeks ago on a semi-regular family shopping trip to Maroochydore I saw the most gorgeous little shoulder bag.
I desperately need a new one, because the one I sling over my head every day is very old and very feral.
So I have been on the lookout for a replacement.
This one was adorable.
But my beautiful brand new wallet wouldn't fit in it and it was $25.
See, told you I don't like spending money!
My husband told me to buy it....IF I was sure it was what I wanted.

Doubt set in...followed by shopping I walked away.

Then in the car on the way home I said I wished I had bought it and couldn't stop thinking about it.

A week later we were back and my husband asked me if I wanted to go back and buy it.
I didn't have any doubt this time.
I walked confidently back to the bag shop...and, alas, it was gone.
I only hoped who ever bought it loved it as much as it did.


So imagine my surprise when I was at our local shopping centre with Miss 3 this morning and spied one almost the same at the bag store that I've walked past a million times before.

Why didn't I think to look there?
Could they possibly have the same one that I loved tucked away inside??

Yes....YES they did!

There it was...the last one...right up the back...just the same.

And it was on sale for $18.74!

Some things are just meant to be.

I am so in love with my new little bag.


  1. Love the bag. I can relate to your story as well. I've lost count of the number of times I've decided I didn't really want something until I got home and realized that I really did.
    But hey, you even got the bag at a discounted rate? Talk about 'meant to be'.

  2. Cute!

    I'm a similar shopper to you. I doubt and doubt and doubt and end up buying nothing.

  3. Gorgeous - I love it!
    See if you'd given in to your impulse you would've kicked yourself for being ripped off.
    Unlike me who always seems to run into the exact same item for half the price i already paid for it or lose it altogether. Oh well some things aren't meant to be i suppose..

  4. Oh you sound just like me. I prefer to shop alone, and almost never buy anything (for me that is) and I hate to spend money unless I really really want something AND unless I know I'll get lots of use out of it! LOL
    So glad you got your bag, I bet it'll be your fav for years to come!

  5. Well THAT is just fate! I love a shopping story with a happy ending.


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