Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Bucks Fizz to Hi-5

The ever so talented and lovely Lisa Heidke just posted a link on Facebook that took me back.

WAY back but oh, it was good!!


How I loved this many moons ago. In fact I had the whole album...yep, the round black shiny thing.

But as I watched this only moments ago I couldn't help but gasp. a mother...who has seen way too much of Hi-5...

Tell me Stevie and the blondie no.1 in the blue and white from Bucks Fizz are not one and the same??

Go on...tell me!


  1. Love it! Am still dancing to Bucks Fizz...and have been known to dance to High-5! The original, of course!

  2. Maybe they're related! I loved Bucks Fizz - especially The Land of Make Believe. xx


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