Thursday, July 21, 2011

Polly in the Snow

Danielle from Danimezza has Polly as a Snow Bunny this week.

Polly, unlike me, is a fantastic skier.
I'm still waiting for my first holiday in the snow. I'm quite sure I would be hopeless at skiing, but I think just being in the snow would be so much fun.
Polly likes to keep her style quite simple in the snow.
After a quick shop online at Sew Thea to pick up a scarf...Polly is ready to go!

Snow Bunny

This fun challenge is the brain child of
Danielle from Danimezza...
Click on the button to play along.


  1. An all white ensemble - so chic! :)

  2. I almost went with those Stella McCartney boots - and loving the black/white theme!


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