Monday, July 25, 2011

Shopping Trolleys.....GRRRRRRR

I'm tired.
Sick and tired.
Sick and tired of shopping trolleys that do not work.
No wait, they work, they just don't obey commands.
A bit lot like a stubborn horse.
You say left, it goes right.
You say straight ahead, it goes right.
You say veer around that elderly lady up ahead, it misses her by a hair's breadth!

I tell Miss 3 to stand to the left to see if that will doesn't.
I'm a shortie, it's hard enough to see over the damn thing let alone trying to fight it into submission.

I have two solutions to this very serious problem.

1. All shopping trolleys should have steering wheels. But of course the mechanics would break down after a few uses and we'd be right back where we started. Scrap that idea.

2. The shopping trolley return bays in the car park should look like this...

Yep, that will fix the problem.
Take the dodgy good-for-nothing trolleys straight to the dump!!

Do you have a better solution?

NB All photoshopping was skillfully done by me! ;)


  1. I think you're completely wrong about all of this, and I'm disgusted.

    Every shopping trolley veers ridiculously to the left! Making me completely stabby. And they have no right to their own 'parking' bays, no matter how wonderfully photoshopped. They should be ditched where they stand to make their own way home, utterly disgraced.

  2. And what about the trolley's with the bung wheel that goes 'kerplunk, kerplunk' all the way up and down the aisles so that everyone turns around to look at you? Of course they never start doing that until we've wheeled them in through the gate, do they?
    I'm so lucky these days. Because my husband and I work together, we usually do the shopping on the way home from work. I let him deal with the trolleys. (Snigger)

  3. What is the difference between a man and a shopping trolley?

    A shopping trolley has a mind of it's own!

  4. Solution - indulge in home-delivered groceries. I'm seriously considering it! xx


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