Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The Stack

The reading stack on my bedside table is getting out of control!
This is it...

I want to read all of them right now, but they are patiently waiting for me to get a minute.

There is another one I want to add to the stack soon...

That will make 11.... *sigh*
If only I could wing a week long holiday in a tropical resort...all by myself.
No make that a month long... *heaven*

But that ain't gonna happen...any time soon...or ever.
So I'll just keep snatching a minute or two to finish the book I'm currently reading (you can see that one on my side bar...eyes right and scroll down) which I am LOVING by the way.

Long gone are the days when I would wake up and read until I got hungry enough to get out of bed for breakfast.
Then I'd laze on the trampoline and read until I snoozed.
And later I'd finish off the day by reading in bed until the wee hours.

That was how I spent much of my school holidays.
School holidays are a little different for me these days.

How about you?


  1. hehehe... I've always got a stack like that ;)

  2. I also have a stack like that! Oh for uninterrupted time, preferably under an umbrella on a deserted beach, or snuggled up with a hot chocolate next to a crackling fire. In my dreams though ...

  3. I can't have a stack like that because then I would read and read. Everytime I find a book I have to get my husband to hide it. He can only get them out for me when all my work such as reports are done!

    Enjoy your stack. I loved PS I love you.

  4. I keep adding to my book stack, even tho I said I wouldn't!

    Reading Kylie's book at the mo too (as you know!) along with some others.

    I'd love to spend a day reading in the sun on the front porch. Last time I did that was when the 9yo was a baby and he did a big 3hr + sleep and I read the whole time! Heaven.

  5. I have a stack - but it's in my Kindle so it doesn't look as tall. :-)

  6. I'd dearly love to read more books, alas time is precious... Oh and I can't stop reading blogs instead! ;o) xo

  7. I have to keep renewing my library books over and over!!
    One day, we'll have too much time on our hands... won't we?!

  8. No reading for me. But my to read stack is much less ambitious. I try to keep it to four or five, otherwise it drives me mad!

  9. He he, I certainly get more time to read these days than I did when my children were little, but even nowadays I have shelves of books waiting to be read and it gets added to all the time. :)


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