Saturday, August 6, 2011


When I was pregnant with my second child, I would often rub my bulging belly and wonder what we should call our new baby.

I swear, every time I said in my head,
"What should your name be?"
My *head* answered back...


Sorry *head*...that was never going to be the new baby's name,
especially if it was a boy!

But the new baby was a girl, much to my delight.
And her name does start with "A"...although it is not Angel.

However, that does not stop me calling her that.
She's been my angel since the day she was born.
I call her Angel often.
Every night, in fact.
I tuck her into bed and say,

"Goodnight, Angel."

And just recently, she's taken to responding with,

"Goodnight, Mummy Angel."


If this isn't an angel, I do not know what is!


  1. She is beautiful, definitely an angel.

  2. Oh! Beautiful. <3 How sweet, that photo is making me all gushy.

  3. What a beautiful post, and your baby indeed looks like an angel. xo

  4. Shes adorable.I like that Mummy Angel.

  5. Take two :-)

    This is such a gorgeous & simple post. I love your stories, Thea - they inspire me & I just love how you can put something so meaningful into such a short space. Your writing is sweet, golden, beautiful and precious....xxxx

    PS: Our Mr11 was called 'Peanut' and he sometimes even now gets called that :-)

  6. Gorgeous photo and post Thea (aka Mummy Angel). Makes this Grandma wish for more grandies in her life. xxx

  7. Lovely post. Beautiful baby

  8. Oh gorgeous Thea! She is most definitely the sweetest little angel, such a great photo! :o) xo

  9. Oh my, Thea she is an absolutely beautiful baby.
    How cute to be someones Mummy angel - Mums kind of are though aren't they? ; )
    Can't wait to have my own baby angel someday.


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