Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Bloody Ads!

This morning I read this post by Chantel which was inspired by this post by Jodie.
And they have both inspired me to write this post...

It's no secret that I hate ads.
Any kind of ads really...

TV ads are by far the worst, however.
I'm sure most ads these days are made for idiots...
or perhaps I'm just past the generation they're aimed at.
Yes, I'm saying I am OLD!

Last night as I was sitting knitting in front of the telly (see, told you, I'm a granny already!) these two ads came on that had me shaking my head (in a very granny way).

Have you seen the Optus ad with the talking lizard?
Or is that reserved especially for us country regional TV folk?
I can't find it on You Tube, so it must be.
But it is stupid!

And this...??

Oh McDonald's, you've really hit an all time low with that one!

Another thing I hate about television advertising is being yelled at!

Imagine being married to that voice!
I bet he yells at everyone, all.the.time.

And how about this ad?
This was a 'what the?' moment...

But this made up for it.

And as Coles is very unpopular with me at the moment because they started the 'Milk Wars'
I grit my teeth every time I see this ad...

We don't like Coles very much around here.
My family have a big red hand that says "Down with Coles" on their farm gate.
I love it!
But as they're doing the sports vouchers for school at the moment, I am back shopping there for a bit.
May as well milk them...pun totally intended!

And finally, I'll leave you with this one...

I have no words.


  1. hehehe... I have come out of hiding to say .. it's simple really ... don't watch tv hehehe I've never seen any of those ads - yes hermit .. ok head is back in the sand

  2. I'm with you ads drive me up the wall. Although you can't ever complain about an ad with Simon Baker in it YUM - ANZ suddenly seem to appealing to me ;-)

  3. There are some ads that leave me wondering why, why, why? But there are also some really clever or funny ads that I love............ as for the hungry jacks ad: ummmmmmm, that's actually one that tickles my funny bone. Small minds and all that, lol! :)

  4. Yes, I have to agree with EleCat about that Hungry Jacks ad. That really made me chuckle. Of course I would stop chuckling after I had watched it for the fifty fifth time, but then I rarely watch TV

  5. You're so funny!

    I can never understand why people want to watch those 'funniest ads' or 'strangest ads' kinda shows, but admittedly, I LOVE Gruen Transfer. I love finding out how they come up with the stuff.

    I didn't understand the Simon Baker one at all, and thought it totally missed the mark. Apparently he used the accent because they were trying to make him like his character on his tv show. But how many people watch that and would get it?!


  6. Well you will be glad to hear that ads in the UK are equally dissapointing/annoying. Gotta love channels without ad breaks.

    Please read my blog

  7. Aren't those rabbits from the HJs ads just plain freaky!!!! All a bit too Donnie Darko for me! xx

  8. Another reason I'm so glad we don't watch TV at all. I get whatever shows I want to watch (Australian Story, QANDA, some American Series) online. NO ads. Problem solved.:)

    Ads make Joel stabby. Is funny to watch because so few things do.


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