Tuesday, August 30, 2011

A Gift for You

When I was in Year 12, my Biology teacher (one of my favourite teachers) came to class one day with a gift for us. He solemnly handed it out, one for everyone on a sheet of paper.
That was a very long time ago, but I can still clearly remember it because I thought it was special, and a little bit clever.
I've never forgotten it, but unfortunately I did lose it.
However, thanks to the wondrous thing that is the internet (I have no idea how I ever survived without it) I have found it again!
And is my gift to you.
You're welcome.


  1. I am SO going to print this off and give it to my BIL for Christmas!

  2. My grandmother had one of these on her fridge! It was a felt circle with a pocket labeled "tuit" and the message was written on a folded piece of paper tucked into it. Goodness, I haven't thought about that thing for years. Thanks for bringing back the memory!

  3. My Nanna always had a wooden one hanging in her kitchen. I need me one of these! xx

  4. I've never seen this before.
    It's class.

  5. So funny. We have these for the Father's Day stall at school. LOL

  6. Omg! I was about 8 yrs old with some of my pocket money and rode around to our local papershop to buy dad a fathers day pressie. This is what i got! Only in the fornat that used to hand on the back of the toile door. Dad was always slow doing things and rarely completed stuff, thought this was th bes pressie for him. Years later mum told m he was sooooooo offended, being so young i had no idea it would do


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