Wednesday, August 3, 2011

A Day At The Duck Pond

Miss 3 and I went to the duck pond this morning and it is my latest obsession...I took a million photos.
I was going to put one on my new photo blog Wannabe Photographer tomorrow, but there were way too many, so I thought I share some here.

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So anyway, this morning, as we often do, Miss3 and I went to the duck pond armed with Weet Bix Bites (because no one eats them) because we had no old bread (because everyone eats that).

The ducks saw us opening a packet and swam over looking hopeful.

Unfortunately they weren't keen on the Weet Bix Bites (I don't blame them.)

But the greedy ibises snapped them up.

Then we saw a lovely family of ducks. I'm assuming they're a family, even if they are all different colours!

Miss 3 had a swing,

And tried to go down the slide...again. But was too scared...again.

I was admiring the glittery water fountain and wanted to capture the diamond like sparkle on the water.
And I did....YES!

Then we walked on and found some of these nesting in the trees.

There is a huge flock of these wild cockatoos (called Little Corellas, I discovered after a bit of Googling) and they fly around the town making a lot of noise. I'd never seen them this close. birds. There were lots of *couples*, how sweet.

Then suddenly, as I was snapping away, they all took flight!

Hundreds of them! Noisy and circling around the park.

And then the most amazing thing happened! They all flew straight toward us. It was the most beautiful thing. It wasn't scary. I thought Miss 3 might panic but she didn't. They flew over and around us to roost in the trees right behind us.

And then they took off again.

They were beautiful.


And then they roosted again in the big tree.

You can't see them? Look closer.

Closer still...

Back at the car I spotted a Great Eastern Egret. I haven't seen one here before. Bad picture but it was all the way across the pond.

And that was it. Our day at the duck pond. WOW.
Goodbye Mr Ibis...see you next time.

PS  Which photo should I put on my photo blog tomorrow? What's your favourite??


  1. AWww can't go past that gorgeous gal- as a fav. But isn't it great camouflage that the white birds look like "sky gaps" in the tree's branches.

  2. I like the pic you posted on Twitter earlier today. Love Little Corellas. I took photos of some last month down at Wynnum.

  3. Lovely photos.Id love to see Australia!As for the photo most definately the one with the wild cockatoos in the tree.So sweet.

  4. wow she looks like you on the slide!!! xx

  5. Oh wow Thea! They're all my favourites. I love the pics of Miss 3, she is so gorgeous. There is SO MUCH birdlife in your park, beautiful! Those ibises will eat ANYTHING won't they? They are such scavengers. They make me laugh though, as they're always following us around and Mr3 isn't too keen on that ;o)
    Maybe the shot of the fountain sparkling on the water would be a nice one for your other blog. You can't go wrong with any of them Thea xo

  6. Can I vote for two? I liked #11 (the love birds) and #14 (the birds flying over your heads over the pond)

  7. Under 'They were beautiful'. Love it, but theyre all lovely. xxx

  8. The depth of field in #14 is amazing, that is a great photo.
    Your little girl is adorable!

  9. Noone eats them here either, lol.

    Great photos.

  10. love the birds against the grey clouds … please consider getting a canvas print done, it would be STUNNING! xt

  11. Beautiful!! The photo with the blue sky and four or five birds flying. My favourite. Love your work Miss Thea xxx

  12. They're all fabulous Thea :) I couldn't choose only one I think.

  13. Fantastic shots.
    I love em all - no help to you, really!!

  14. Gorgeous pics, Thea. I would hate to choose. My husband is a keen photographer so I've sent him to have a look at your pics as well

  15. Your daughter is beautiful! Love photos of birds in flight. And can't you always rely on ducks to make you feel welcome at a body of water, huh? Bread or not ;-)

  16. So many are my faves I can't pick just one.
    Numbers 8, 10, 14, 16 & 17 are the ones that stood out for me though :)

  17. Fantastic shots!I am really impressed!


  18. Once again you inspired me to go out to our duckpond and shoot. Thanks!


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