Thursday, August 4, 2011

Funny Story...

Well, I think it's funny.
You may not.
Let me know, either way.

This morning Miss 3 and I were at our local Centro shopping centre bright and early, straight after dropping my 6 year old boy at school. Half the shops were still shut and it was pretty deserted. So as we stepped out of the lift, the shopping centre music was loud and clear and it was Key Largo.

I immediatley started singing along because I love this song.

a) I know it's daggy but you can't help the music you love, right?
b) I didn't care who heard me...let's face it...there was no one around anyway!
c) I always thought Kenny Rogers sang this song! Hold the phone.......

Tonight as I sat down to play on YouTube, as I do most nights,
I searched "Key Largo Kenny Rogers" and....
Kenny didn't sing it!

How could I have had this vital piece of information so wrong for so long?!?!

It was apparently sung by Bertie Higgins!
What the??
Who the hell is he???

And I'm so glad I'd never seen the film clip until now...
because I never would have liked, let alone loved, Key Largo if I saw this as an impressionable teenager...

Too funny...right??

PS I hope you sang along, too! ;)


  1. LOL! I love it too and I know whatcha mean haha.

  2. Love the beard and the nonchalant smoking whilst staring into the distance!!

  3. He looks like a young Demis Roussos (I don't know how to spell it!)
    Very cheesy but brings back memories....
    What about 'Afternoon Delight' by The Starland Vocal Band?
    Now there's some memories!

  4. Bertie Higgins, total rock star name *cough*

  5. Well there's a forgettable one hit wonder. In many ways we're lucky we grew up in the days before YouTube. Some things are best not to know!
    Thanks for the the trip down 'memory lane'!

  6. Oh.Dear.God. That video clip cracked me up!
    I'm off to watch it again... and again... and maybe even again.
    A much needed laugh Thea, Thank you very much x

  7. Hahaha, I haven't heard that song in years. To be honest it does sound like Kenny Rogers, but I'd never given it much thought. It just conjures up images of the 80's for me, as they used to play it ALOT back then :o) My Mr3 tells me to stop singing all the time... he says "shoosh Mama, I want to hear the music!" You're lucky your Miss3 let you get away with singing this one ;o) xo

  8. Hmmmm maybe we might have thought him exotic and smoldering.... ideas of cool and beauty change. As a youngster I has a pic of Yul Brynner beside my bed. Then my heart pounded for billy joel...
    (and yes, funny)

  9. I love that song as well and I thought it was Kenny Rogera as well lol, they all looked the same with the hair and te beards. Film clips have come a long way lol

  10. One of my favourite songs ever. See, we are kindred spirits! (I'll get you on Rod Stewart this week).

    I'm laughing at you thinking it was Kenny though. :D Have never seen the clip. Am off to watch it now.

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