Sunday, August 7, 2011

Who? Me??

"Excuse me."

(Me thinking....) *Who? Me?? Maybe she wants to know the time. I don't have a watch!*

"Is your name Thea?"

(Me thinking...) *Ahhhhhhhhh?????*
(Me saying) "Yes"

"Did you teach in Roma?"

(Me saying...) "Yes!"

"You taught my daughter!"

"Jenny" .... we both said at the same time.

Such a chance meeting at a place nowhere near where I used to teach....AND....
twenty years, exactly, later!!!

I taught this little girl in my 2nd year of teaching, when she was 9 years old, in Year 4.
But I still see her face clearly.
I was so surprised to be recognized.
I actually said to the mum,
"I'm surprised you recognized me."
(Me thinking...) *I'm 20 years older and 15kgs heavier!!*
And she said,
"You look exactly the same."
(Me thinking...) *Pfffft.....I wish!!!!*
But , bless her little cotton socks!
She made my day.

And I learnt that Jenny and her mum now run a beauty therapy business,
not far from where my mother-in-law lives.
Jenny wasn't there today, but I wish I could have seen her.

What a surprise.
I almost felt famous...

Have you ever been recognized...unexpectedly??


  1. Spooky, but kinda great at the same time. Nice to know you haven't changed too much in all that time. xxx

  2. Loved it! Happens to my wife all the time - and my parents used to get that often as well.

    Over the years I have been involved in so many organizations as a trainer or officer that it happens to me, but most of the time I don't have a clue as to who the person who stops me is. They recognize me and expect I recognize them as well. Usually I can manipulate the conversation so that I can figure it out. LOL

    My favorites are the kids (adults now) I coached in youth baseball (and their parents.) I love it when someone approaches me and starts the conversation with, "Hi Coach!" :-)

  3. Yes, I've frequently been recognised, but always as some one else. LOL. I've actually had people get a bit 'funny' with me because they were so sure that I was this 'other' person and couldn't work out why I wouldn't admit it.

  4. That's so nice that she recognised you and stopped you to say hello! I can't remember ever being unexpectedly recognised.... I'm always the one that randomly recognises others, but half the time, I'm always too shy to say hi! xxx

  5. I am usually the one who does the recognising and I remember the name too, but they never remember me or mine.

    Sometimes it can give you a complex always being the one who remembers, but that problem is slowly going away as I get older. ;-)

  6. thankfully most people from my past have stayed there ; )
    I always get a bit funny about going up to people I recognise from a long time ago in case I end up looking like the fruit loop who swears she knows you when you have NFI who the hell they are lol.
    What's worse is when I've been recognised but I can't for the life of me remember the persons name. Awkwardness all round...

  7. I'm the same as Lyn, I was forever being asked, "Hi there, don't you work/live at xyz..." when I was at uni. I was never the person they thought I was. The funniest was when an old halls mate and I met by chance in a night club (was still at uni) and he said,"You're looking great! Congratulations on the birth of your kid by the way!" I nearly choked on my drink!

    I must have had a doppelganger there...

  8. Yes it is a surprisingly small world :)


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