Tuesday, September 20, 2011

My Grandma's Ring

It's almost a year since my dear Grandma passed away.
Her anniversary is in five days.
I think about her often, and I still get a lump in my throat and tears in my eyes when I do.
Last week when we drove passed the nursing home that used to be home for her, my Nan and my uncle, I had to hold back tears under my none of them live there anymore.

I miss my Grandma, who I felt a close affinity to, very much.
But I was very fortunate to be given something of hers after she died.
Something very special.

When I was engaged (for the second time) I chose a white gold engagement ring.
I'd always admired Grandma's, and when I was engaged the first time, in the early 90s, white gold was not popular.
In 2001, however, it was everywhere and I was thrilled with my stunning ring.
I remember seeing Grandma not long after and we compared our engagement rings.
I told her I always loved her ring and I loved having something similar to hers.
She explained that her wedding ring was new because her original one was almost worn through.
She told me Grandfather said when he gave it to her, "Here, see if you can wear this one out."

So, when my Mum called a few weeks after Grandma's funeral to say that she and her sister had decided Grandma's engagement ring should go to me, her eldest granddaughter, I cried.
Tears of joy.
I always hoped to have her ring, one day, but I thought Mum or my aunt would keep it first.
It's a strange thing to want something like that because of course I'd much rather have my Grandma here with us. But now that she is gone, it is such a comfort to wear it on my own hand.

I often rub the ring when I'm feeling sad, or worried, or nervous.
It makes me feel connected to her still.

Grandma & Grandfather were married in 1945, so the ring is a gorgeous vintage style that I adore.
It's a small ring.
I have no idea of its monetary value.
And I don't really care.
Its sentimental value is priceless.

I've been trying to write this post for a year.
Thank you to Naomi from Diva Mum for the inspiration.
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  1. Oh my! that is a gorgeous ring and I so love how special it is to you. How wonderful that your family decided to give it to you and I love how it brings back such wonderful memories for you. Thanks so much for linking up. N xx

  2. Aww that made me get a little tear in my eye Thea. That is so special and I have to say, I ADORE that ring. Love it. xx

  3. That is beautiful - the ring, your story, the sentiment.
    Such treasure.

  4. Oh thats so nice Thea.I mean the whole story,the ring to but I can imagine how you felt.A very special keepsake for sure!

  5. It really is a beautiful ring Not just aesthetically (though it is), but it's significance, the fact that it was passed on to you.

    The build up to anniversaries like this are hard. Here if you want to talk.

    My love to you, Sweet Thea.

  6. That's so beautiful.
    I was given my nannys wedding ring when she died. It means so much to me, especially as my original wedding ring is lost forever.
    Every time I wear it, I feel so connected to her. A daily reminder of the love she shared with my poppy and her love for me.


  7. A beautiful ring honey and a lovely sentiment to have. Its wonderful to have something that can help you remember xxx

  8. I never knew my paternal grandmother but she left me her engagement ring which looks awfully similar to your grandmother's!

    Despite never knowing her I am grateful for some kind of physical connection to her. A link to where I came from :o)

    Lovely post x

  9. Oh priceless is definitely the word Thea. This is a beautiful heirloom and one most definitely worthy of wearing with pride... as I'm sure your little girl will one day want to do also.
    I can relate to the lump in the throat at the thought of my Nana, driving past my grandparents old house, or special dates such as her birthday (which was actually on the 16th Sept). My Nana left her engagement & wedding rings to my Mama, but sadly they had to be cut from her finger, as her arthritis became so bad and she refused to take them off before they became jammed on her fingers. So my Mama had them completely remade into a most divine ring. It's such a special heirloom, especially given the fact we thought the rings were completely destroyed xo

  10. Beautiful, Thea. How lovely for you to have your grandmother's ring. Precious. Something you can cherish always. xxx

  11. A lovely story and gorgeous ring. I wish I had such an heirloom but I don't sadly, any jewellery we had from grandparents and older relatives got stolen many years ago. Then more recently my mum's home was broken into and her ruby engagement ring stolen. She was no longer wearing it because my parents divorced buti kind of wished I'd asked her to borrow it so it might still be around. Anyway, I still feel the sting of their loss. I tell myself they are only jewellery/material possessions but it's their sentimental value that makes the loss painful. I still have the memories though.

  12. Thank you, you inspired me to join in too! Nice to 'meet you'!
    Sandra x


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