Monday, September 19, 2011

A to Z of Favourite Things

I know I've done this before...
but not for awhile.
And I love lists
here's an updated version...

A - alphabetical order (obviously)

B - banana lollies
C - children (especially mine)

D - daydreaming

E - egg on toast

F - fragrances (the prettier the bottle the better)

G - gardens

H - hot air balloons (one day I will ride one)

I - iced coffees

J - jet planes

K - kisses

L - lookouts

M - music

N - Nikon (particularly my Nikon...which is about to be replaced by a much better Nikon)

O - overnight stays at fancy hotels

P - pink cars (I'm coveting the pink Nissan Micra at the moment)

Q - quirks

R - red wine

S - sparkling wine

T - tropical islands

U - unicorns (this favourite thing I share with my Miss 4)

V - vases (preferably full of gorgeous flowers)

W - weddings
Bet that made you giggle!

X - eXciting news

Y - yummy dinners at nice restaurants

Z - zoos (I'm dying to see Africa at Australia Zoo - and take loads of photos with my new camera!)

What's your A - Z of favourite things?


  1. great post - reading it and going "Oh I knew that" made me feel like I still 'know know" you. and others like the unicorn made me feel like I know you better. :)
    xx Julie

  2. Unicorns are my thing too, one of my 'kids' gave me a unicorn for the baby when I was pregnant and in a very quiet voice then said, 'but it's really for you, you can share if you want but you don't have too!'

    So many similarities, thanks for sharing.


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