Thursday, September 22, 2011

Pink is Perfection

As I was sitting at my sewing machine this morning, sewing a gorgeous pink apron, it struck me...

Pink IS Perfection

Pink has always been my favourite colour.
It was a little awkward growing up in the 70s and early 80s when pink was totally out of fashion.
I had to repress my love of pink for fear of being laughed at...
In much the same way I hid my love for ABBA in the 80s.
But just as ABBA made a comeback into popular culture...
so did pink...

I remember my excitement when I saw pink clothes (for ladies) in the shops.
I think it was about 1989.
I never wore pink as a child.
My mother doesn't like pink and as I said, it was totally out of fashion for anyone,
other than tiny babies,
to wear pink.

Pink makes me dreamy.
Pink makes me float.
Pink makes me happy.

So I'm dedicating this post to pink and all the pink lovers out there.
Come on, stand up and be proud.
Proud to be PINK!

Possibly the last time I wore pink as a child
I wore loads of pink when I grew up, including my wedding dress

The perfectly pink aprons I made this morning
You can find these at my Made It Store Sew Thea

And as I'm having serious Polly Dolly withdrawals and there is still no challenge for the 3rd week in a row...
I'm sending Polly to a "Power of Pink Party".

Too much pink?
Never! ;)
The Power of Pink Party

American Living peasant top
$14 -

Converse sneaker
$79 -

Irene Neuwirth opal earrings
$7,920 -

Brian Danielle pink sapphire ring
$750 -

Juicy couture watch
$195 -

Wire jewelry
$9.99 -

Monsoon flower hair accessory
£7 -

Gloss Gorgeous
$10 -


  1. I have to say I never did like pink all that much, until I hit my 30's. I must have been brainwashed into the "pink is daggy" school of thought.
    You were just the cutest little baby and a perfectly pink bride! (Though it's hard to tell it's pink in that photo...or is that just my eyes going?)

  2. Pretty in Pink. My FAVE movie...I've always loved pink. Interestingly, I grew up surrounded by purple. For years, I didn't really like the colour, but now I love it and it's special because my sister, Valda, loved it.

    But funnily enough, even being surrounded by blue because I have 3 boys...I also LOVE blue! LOVE IT!

    I want those aprons. Save them for me. WANT!

  3. From soft dreamy pinks to bright Summery shades - pink is a happy place!

  4. Let me just say that real men wear pink as well! Just not as much of it. Over the years I have worn pink dress shirts to work ... subtle of course, but fashionable. Hmmm ... do you think that comes from working in women's sportswear for 17 years. Not IN women's sportswear you understand, but in the industry? (When will I learn to watch what I say? LOL!)

  5. I have a new appreciation for pink since I suddenly went kinda girly on my wedding day. I'm quite taken with it now. Polly Dolly is fab! I must do that one day :)

  6. Oh look at you baby Thea! You look like a little doll and so beautiful in pink :o)
    I'm with you, pink is a divine colour. I love it! I don't wear near enough of it myself though. Hooray for pink! xo

  7. For some reason I have been unable to open the complete SS post so commenting here instead, just had a read of your recent posts after my lack of internet last week it is taking awhile to catch up. I just wanted to let you know I will join in again but maybe not till November now. I always call by for a listen though like today.


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