Friday, September 23, 2011

The Toilet

Yep, I'm doing a post on toilets!
Because this week we were fortunate enough (oh yeah, we were lucky) to be without one for 20 hours.
And as we only have one in our home...being one down means...
we had none!!!

How did we cope, you ask?

Well, we called it indoor camping.
And, as you may know, I hate camping!

Even if you are a camper, I bet you still have a toilet.
And if you don't...yeah, well....good for you.

There were buckets, potties, nappies, plastic bottles and gagging that was me involved.
And that is all I'm going to say for fear of T.M.I.

I do know there are people in the world who live WITHOUT toilets.
But we don't.
We're quite used to ours.
And when the realization hits that ours was out of action, after calling pretty much the whole yellow pages listings for plumbers in our area (it was knock off time...3pm Wednesday one could come until the morning!) I admit I went into a mini panic.

We have two small children.
We have...ME!
We have a bucket...plastic bottles...nappies...
We survived.

And I felt pretty good about that.
Before you smirk...
imagine yourself and your family with two small children without a toilet...
if you can.


  1. Yes, that is a pretty crappy situation. (Ducking fast!) I am assuming the nappies were for the kids? LOL!

  2. lol@marks comment up there.Oh Thea ugh! Im glad the toilet is working now ha.

  3. Once again - don't know what you've got til it's gone.
    Man, that is rough.
    There's something not quite right about digging a hole - on your own property!!
    Glad yours is back in action now.

  4. Good one Mark! Of all the things that we might have to do without, I guess the loss of the toilet shouldn't really be on the list. We are just too far removed from our ancestors who all had chamberpots or just ducked behind a tree. And it might be a bit difficult, living in the suburban sprawl to find a tree to duck behind anyway. LOL. Glad to hear it is working again now.

  5. I know what you mean. I've even stayed at places where there were no toilets, but when you've grown up with them, NOT having one is just gross. Glad you made it through!

  6. This is too terrifying! OMG I cannot even imagine how hard this was! Can you believe we have 4 toilets in our house?

  7. Oh no! I don't mean to laugh but what a predicament!

    I remember in Greece most of their toilets consisted of a hole and a hose to flush your mess down - Gross!
    Worse still their sewerage didn't support paper waste so into the bucket beside you it went. In the middle of summer - double eeew!!

    Also reminds me of the time we had a gas crisis and were boiling kettles of water to fill the bath just to have a wash. I enjoy 2 showers a day so this did not sit well with me…
    I can't live without a flushing toilet and a shower, surely that doesn't make me a princess does it?

  8. I've been there done that too.

    Once the kids flushed a whole box of tissues and half a roll of tp and blocked it up.

    We couldnt get a plumber for 2 days.

    And then tree roots started growing in the pipes. And kept blocking it all the time.

  9. Oh Thea, I feel for you. We often have plumbing issues in our bathroom, due to the large trees at the back of our property. Those damn root systems! Anyway, when I was 8 months pregnant with bubs 2, we were without a toilet for 24 hours, while they carried out work under the floor of the bathroom. It wasn't pretty, with hubby, 2 year old (who had *just* been potty trained and of course got derailed by having to go in his nappy again!) and me with a pregnant bladder. I NEVER take the toilet for granted anymore. Pleased you're all sorted now :o) xo


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