Friday, September 30, 2011


We are not willing visitors, my husband and I.
We happily sleep over at our parents' houses...they have sufficient room for us to have our own space.
But other than that we try to book a motel or just do a day visit.
This week, however, we had the reverse.
My brother and his family visited us.
We're three hours away so we don't get many visits.
And if we do...they're usually day trips.
But this week...they came for a sleep over.
After our visit to the farm for the birthdays and the show our two boy cousins had such a wonderful time together they begged for a sleep over.
So the four of them came for a sleep over.
My brother, his wife, and their 13 year old daughter and 5 year old boy.
That doubled the usual capacity of our home...amidst renovations!
But it was wonderful!
They were such easy guests.
The kids had a ball together.
And so did the grown ups!
Their daughter and our daughter are the oldest and youngest cousins (at 13 and 4) but they couldn't get enough of each other and were gorgeous together.

It just proves how important family is to me.
I can't wait for my sister to visit with her clan.
Or for us to visit her again.

Is family that important to you?


  1. I'm a bit like you - I don't tend to 'visit' over, but when I do, with my family, I always wonder why I don't do it more often! I love it!

  2. family history is so twisted but the family im with right now are the most important people in my life...

  3. Precious memory making there.
    With my family overseas our visits are always few and far between - but much anticipated and quite intense!

  4. Absolutely Thea! My family are super important to me. We don't often do the stay over thing either. Our place is extra small, so not much option for people to stay here. We usually only stay with my brothers who live interstate and that isn't very often. However, when we all get together (like last weekend actually) it's fabulous and we ALWAYS say how much we need to do it more often. Less talk, more action on that front I think.
    So glad you had a wonderful time hosting... the pic of your girls is gorgeous :o) xo

  5. Oh I wish I had family like that. It's what I've always dreamed of especially with eight kids in total between my brothers and I. Sadly we live not more than 30 minutes from each other and are lucky to see each other twice a year. My girls go to the same school as one lot of cousins and we still hardly see them.

    *sigh* I have made a new plan though and that is to do more with great friends who are family to us! :D

  6. Definitely. Which reminds me, I must visit my brother and ring my sister today... :)

  7. I'd love family to visit, yet they are all in Spain and see Australia as too far away. Luckily hubby's family are in Tassie and I love having them stay as our children just love getting together.
    Coming from a Spanish background family is a big priority and I grew up always surronded by them, I really miss that.


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