Friday, October 21, 2011

Polly x 6!

Okay, so it's no secret that I LOVE Danimezza's Polly Dolly Challenge.

Yesterday's theme was bridesmaid and I couldn't shorten my short list of six.

So, just to prove that I am a total Polly nerd, I have done six sets!
One for each.
And here they are...

Bridesmaid 1

Bridesmaid 2

Bridesmaid 3

Bridesmaid 4

Bridesmaid 5

Bridesmaid 6

Which would you chose?
If any....


  1. Bridesmaid 2 is the clear winner for me.
    Makes me wish I had you advising me during my wedding :)

  2. I also love Bridesmaid 2..Fantastic sets! xx

  3. although bridesmaid 5's bouquet is the one I wish I had for me & my girls. Sadly they weren't in season at the time. Gorgeous sets. All of them have something to them that I like.

  4. Oh I love that someone else is as indecisive as me :)

    I lvoe them all but Number 6 is just stunning!


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