Monday, October 3, 2011

I'm Famous!

I have no idea who these girls are,
but clearly they think they're famous!
 Today began my first full time work in over 8 years.
I'm only working for 2 weeks, I have 9 days to go.
But I'm loving it already.
I'm ridiculously tired!!
But being in the classroom is what I love.
I love being a teacher.
I do not love planning, evaluating, recording, reporting.
But who does??
And I do love being recognized outside of school.
Last week, during the school holidays, while my brother and his family were visiting
we went to the town duck pond.
I was busy with my new camera, snapping the four cousins throwing stale bread to the ducks.
Then I hear,
"Hello, Mrs Smith."
I tell you, that is music to my ears.
This lovely little girl was in a class I've only had once, and it was months ago.
But she remembered me.
And I remembered her, although I was annoyed that I didn't remember her name!

That is my kind of fame!
It's awesome.


  1. Hee hee.
    Some teachers hate it - but I love hearing the "It's Mrs B, it's Mrs B. Hi Mrs B!!" around the place.
    A highlight for me was when some students came all the way across the city to cheer me on when I ran the marathon earlier this year.
    Enjoy your 9 days.

  2. Ah, the best kind of famous I would imagine Thea. I even think it's kinda lovely when I go to pick Angus up from preschool and the kiddies yell out, "it's Angus' Mum... Hi Angus' Mum!" I'm happy to be thought of as his Mum, it seems to be a popular title to hold ;o)
    Hope you have a lovely couple of weeks doing your thing in the classroom and what an awesome way to ease back into full time work :o) xo

  3. Love that you've rediscovered your passion for the classroom - enjoy your two weeks! x

  4. I bet you are an awesome teacher! Of course you will be remembered by your students.

    So glad that you are enjoying your time in the classroom.

  5. Hee, both my mum and my aunt work as teachers at the same small country school. They can't walk down the street without being greeted with a big excited "Hi, Mrs B!". Kids are so cute.

  6. Nice! It always makes you feel special when you know that someone remembers you. Even a little one :-)
    Enjoy the fame.

  7. oh, that is so cute. teachers are so great... i still remember all my teachers from prep to year 12. all of them. hope you enjoy the next 9 days. :)

  8. I can relate to that! After 11 years out of teaching and a heap of babies later, I had 5 days in a local High School as part of my Overseas Trained Teacher course recently. I LOVED being back in the classroom and being "Miss" again. I don't mind being various different peoples' "Mum/my" but it was nice to just be me again. Just need to get a 'proper job' now!
    Sandra x


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