Tuesday, November 1, 2011

A House with a Hundred Rooms

As I look about our home and despair at the ever increasing clutter,
I once again find myself drifting off into one of my favourite daydreams...

Living in a house with a hundred rooms!

If only....

Buckingham Palace has 775 rooms.
A hundred is nothing! ;)
"What would I with a hundred rooms?" you ask.
Let's see if I can fill them.
Ready, set, go!

First of all, each family member would have their own personal suite of rooms.
The kids would have their own bedroom, bathroom, playroom, study and media room. (10)
My husband and I would share a bedroom, of course, and have our own bathroom, dressing room and study. (7)
Then there would be several guest suites for the hoards of family and friends that would be dying to visit us in our new mansion.
Each suite would have a bedroom, bathroom and sitting room.
I think 12 guest suites should do (that would accommodate both sides of our family). (36)
A kitchen, larder, cellar (3)
A breakfast room, family room, family dining room (3)
A formal lounge and formal dining room (2)
An outdoor barbecue room (1)
A family media room, a family play/games room (2)
Two sitting rooms (2)
A formal entrance and cloak room (2)
A laundry, three separate toilets (one on each floor) (4)
A sewing room with separate fitting room (2)
A two-storey library with a secret room behind a bookshelf (thanks Sarah for that idea!) (2)
A music room (with a baby grand piano) (1)
A gym (1)
A salon (for my private hairdresser and masseur) (1)
Four huge store rooms (one each) (4)
A viewing room on the roof (to take in the spectacular view) (1)
An indoor swimming pool with sauna and three dressing rooms and bathrooms (8)
A rooftop bar, two change rooms and bathrooms (for the rooftop swimming pool and spa) (5)
An indoor/outdoor garden room (1)
A workshop (1)
A 10 car garage (1)

And that, my friends, is one hundred!

It might look a little like this...

Surely, surely, there would be enough space to put everything away in this place!

Okay, enough daydreaming.
I'm off to tidy some of the clutter.
Wish me luck!!

PS Our current house has 11 rooms. How many does yours have?

PPS And don't ask me how I would manage to clean such a massive house. I'd have a team of housemaids, of course! :D


  1. We have 11 too.

    I think your hundred room plan sounds perfect! Am pleased to see that you didn't forget the library(s) and the salon.

    Now. Make sure that you have a staff of 20 or 30 to keep everything running smoothly. 10Housekeepers, 2 chefs, trainer, hairdresser, masseuse, 2 nannies, 2tutors, 5 gardeners and landscapers...what else?

  2. If you count the toilet, then 12. If not, also 11.

    Who will be cleaning your 100 rooms - or does it come with an army of staff?!

  3. Now I feel all deprived as we only have 7 rooms, including the bathroom, toilet and laundry. Still, it doesn't take long to clean.

  4. Ha! Kathryn you missed my PPS, I'll definitely have 'staff' ;) I think Melissa has got it all covered for me! Perfect!! :)

  5. 15 rooms here (including toilets - and Hubby definitely would).
    None fit for a queen though!!
    There is a lot to be said for being forced to share space though.

  6. 11 here as well! I love how you have thought this through and allocated the rooms. I just worry about the dust with 100 rooms. I think 20 would do me fine. But definitely with you on the staff numbers!

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