Sunday, October 30, 2011

Jacaranda City

Around this time last year I went on a 'Jacaranda Stroll' to snap some pics of some of the hundreds of gorgeous jacarandas around our town.
You can see that post here.

I left it a little later in October this year to capture the purple carpet, you'll see what I mean by that in a moment.
I've been out and about for the past week.
October has been very grey this year so there aren't many blue sky shots.
But the jacarandas are so gorgeous it doesn't really matter.
Now that I have a better camera, I hope I have taken some better photographs.

So, without further ado...
here is our town resplendent in purple bloom...

One zoomed view from our front patio

And another one

The neighbour's jacaranda overhanging our backyard

This one is just outside our school

I discovered this last year, a white jacaranda!
This is the only one I have ever seen.

The 'purple carpet' and Miss4 giving you an idea of the size of the tree

Yes, that is my car!

Our local park

A jacaranda lined street

From the top of our multi-storey car park you can see the jacarandas dotted all over the town

Looking from the car park across to our hill.
Yes, my house is in this picture.
No, I'm not telling which one it is.

Behind the car park

And finally, some close-ups

The only other place I've lived that has better jacaradas than our town was Toowoomba.
Oh boy, is it a pretty city in spring!


  1. Aren't they beautiful? And a white one? I've never seen a white one before.

  2. Oh I adore jacarandas! I was only remarking to my other half today how much I love Oct/Nov because they come out in flower. I was devastated when my dad decided to cut down the one on our farm :( That white one is amazing - genetic freak? Mutant jacaranda for the win!

  3. Oh these are so beautiful
    They make me homesick for Perth - I loved that our lawn turned purple for a month and I even put up with the bees.
    I've only found one here in Hobart and its not very accessible
    You've made my night

  4. I so love Jacaranda trees and the effect they have on the ground - it's like purple snow!
    Wow on the white one, thats one lovely freak of nature :)

  5. Oh how gorgeous Thea, loving the purple carpet. They are some of the most magnificent jacarandas I've ever seen. The one with tiny Miss4 standing next to the big tree is so cute :o) xo

  6. Oh Thea such a lovely tree.I couldnt wait til you zoomed in on them I wanted to see it up close.They are gorgeous.Im wondering if we have any of them here in the states but im not sure.

  7. I don't know how many times I've blogged about my love of Jacarandas. I honestly believe there is no more beautiful tree. October and November are bitter sweet to me. I love that my beloved purple blooms are out,and that perfect lilac carpet makes my heart almost weep for it's beauty.

    But I HATE that it's such a short season. I wish we had them longer.

    I want to move to your town. I looked at your pictures (we have plenty of Jacaranda here) and felt honestly peaceful.

    Any jobs for termite techs and copywriters out there?


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