Saturday, November 26, 2011

Sunday Session

New rules - there are no rules!
On Sundays I play music on my blog.
Old or new or in between.
Related or not.
But always songs I love!
Here are my picks for this week.
You can play along by linking up below.
Can't wait to hear your picks.

Happy Sunday!

I've been a fan of Guy Sebastian since he first appeared on our television in Australian Idol.
We share our birthdays...that's gotta make him a good guy (see what I did there?)...right?
Here is his latest toon and I love it already!

And if you're from my era, just seeing the title of Guy's new song has to make you think of this oldie.

This song has a special memory for me.
When I was young, just 20 years old, I was driving home to the farm for the weekend after a week at college in Brisbane.
My little Gemini overheated just past the half way mark in my hour long drive.
This was in the days before mobile phones...I know, what did we do without them??
We I pulled up at a tiny town with nothing but a couple of houses, a shop, and a pay phone...that's what!
Thankfully I had 20c (I think that's all it used to cost for a local call in 1988) in my wallet because it was often empty!
I called Mum, got back into my car, and this song came on.
I couldn't help but smile.


  1. I love Bobby McFerrin's one I do have to wonder if he ever had that going through his head when he had to appear in court for bashing Whitney Houston.

    As for Guy's one I've never ever heard it before.

    Thanks for the blast from the past

    (((( Hugs )))) XXXX Kisses XXXX

  2. Oooh I do like both the songs!! Didn't realise they had the same title. Guy's version is catchy and yes, contemporary and I love Bobby McFerrin's version - CLASSIC!!

  3. Who couldn'tlove Bobby McFerrin's classic!?

  4. You've introduced me to my new favourite song, Thea! What a great message both these songs convey!

  5. Great message in the songs. Haven't heard the Bobby McFerrin one in ages.

  6. Ooh I like both these songs, very fitting with my mood today. I think we have a theme going on after all ; )

  7. Aaahh! Good old Bobby! Happy days!!!


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