Monday, November 28, 2011

Thinking of a Theme.....

I love to have a theme for decorating the Christmas tree.
Some years the theme is just-throw-on-whatever-I-have.
Two years ago I wrote a post about my recent themes. You can see that HERE.
Last year I wrote another post about our tree....s. And added a linky. You can see that HERE.

So this year I was pondering what theme to go with...and it hit me.

This year the tree will be decked out in...


Wings on angels & fairies, birds & butterflies.
And bling for anything that shimmers & sparkles, glistens & glitters.

We put the tree up yesterday but it's not quite finished yet.
I need to buy some more angels & fairies.
More sparkles, more glitter.
And a big angel for the top of the tree.
The star is being replaced this year!

Here it is at Phase One...

I'll be updating and adding the linky so I can see all of your gorgeous trees soon!

Is yours up yet?


  1. 1 Dec we'll do ours, it's tradition!

  2. Not yet!
    Nice theme idea, looking forward to the next installment.

  3. Wings and bling - love it.
    You're upping the anti here.
    I'll have to get thinking before Thursday.

  4. We put ours up on the weekend. We don't really have a theme, but I like the birdies on yours. Will take a photo soon. xo

  5. We put ours up once Emily is on school holidays. We have a white tree and it gets decorated in pink, purple and aqua colours... very girly! Tony justs rolls his eyes! haha!!!

  6. Not yet, but what's hilarious is we have no decorations. Last year we just had a tree with nothing on it (it was the first year I let go of my Grinch-ness and consented to put one up). This year I'm more in the Xmas spirit and want to decorate to a theme too!

  7. Ohhh wings and bling is a beautiful theme Thea, good thinking. I so so so long to go with a theme, but I always end up going with bits and pieces of everything. Quite the mish mash in our place ;o)
    Though this year, I am not organised at all, I don't know when I'm going to have time to get the tree up and decorated! xo

  8. Love the wings and bling idea! Trees looking fab already! I'm a bit of a traditionalist 12 days before and it comes down 12 days after but I do love my Christmas decor!


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