Saturday, December 3, 2011

The 52 Week Project - Christmas Tree

Every week I'll be linking with @mymummydaze and her "52 Week Project".

She says...

No, this isn’t a diet or exercise regime. It’s not a responsible financial system or an abstinence program. It’s not even a relationship-building sex challenge (although that does sound fun). Although I’m sure I could benefit from all of these year-long challenges, this is much simpler with no great philosophy or life-changing aims underpinning it. It’s a weekly photography self-portrait challenge.

I know I've missed a couple of weeks.
I ran out of ways of taking a photo of myself!
But someone missed it (hi Lib!) so I'm back at it this week.

The past week has been all about the Christmas Tree for me.
It's been up for a week.
I'm putting a photo a day of Christmas ornaments on my
And as soon as a find an angel for the top of the tree
I'll be posting a pic of our tree with a linky so I can see everyone's gorgeous trees.

So, here is me, with our tree...without the angel.

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  1. Sparkly & beautiful.
    You & the tree.

  2. Gorgeous shot Thea and lovely tree! Can't wait to see all of it! x

  3. Oh what a beautiful shot Thea, you look so fresh and happy in this one... and your tree is just gorgeous! xo


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