Friday, December 23, 2011

The 52 Week Project - Treadmilling

Every week I'll be linking with Fiona from @mymummydaze and her "52 Week Project".

She says...

No, this isn’t a diet or exercise regime. It’s not a responsible financial system or an abstinence program. It’s not even a relationship-building sex challenge (although that does sound fun). Although I’m sure I could benefit from all of these year-long challenges, this is much simpler with no great philosophy or life-changing aims underpinning it. It’s a weekly photography self-portrait challenge.

I've got my tread-mill...
I've got my tread-mill...
I've got my tread-mill!!!!!

My new baby, isn't it beautiful?
AND I've been on it every day for 5 days in a row!
I'm loving it and I'm hoping I can keep it up.
Not so happy that I'll be away for 6 nights over Christmas.
I wish I could fit it into my bag!

Yeah, I'm in the garage.
But this is my view...

As you can see, it's raining and I can still walk!
I'm pretty happy about that!!

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  1. Brilliant - enjoy the convenience... and that view.

  2. I am so jealous! Enjoy the convenience. That view is stunning, what great motivation.

  3. Yippee! (I miss that view so much)


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