Friday, December 23, 2011

Crazy Christmas

These days, Christmas has me dreaming of the days when I was a school kid.
All I had to do was walk next door to my Nan's where food, extended family and presents would be waiting.
Or sometimes Christmas would be at our house where we had food, extended family & presents.
And on alternate years the most travel we would have to do would be an hour to my Aunt's in Brisbane.

Now that I'm the grown up, things are a little different.
Thankfully I've never had to be the hostess on Christmas Day.
But I guess my time is coming for that!

Now, Christmas involves lots of buying pressies, lots of wrapping, lots of packing, lots of driving and overnight stays in who knows how many places.

This is our itinerary for this Christmas...

25th - Merry Christmas!! Hopefully Santa has been. We wake at home, open pressies, have breakie, pack the car and drive to the Sunshine Coast (1hour 10mins). Open more pressies, get dressed up for lunch at a resort with some of Hubba's side of the family (first time we've ever done this...pretty excited about it!). Sleep at the in-law's house.

26th - Boxing Day...we're off to the races. It will be the first time with the kids. I had to go shopping today to buy 'good' clothes for my 7 year old boy to wear! At some point on this day I'll need to grocery shop for the next Christmas lunch tomorrow. Sleep at the in-law's again.

27th - Wake up, pack the car, drive to the Gold Coast for my family's Christmas lunch at my little sister's place (she'll be hostess on Christmas before me, she's braver than me!) (1hour 40mins). *Don't forget to take food and drinks!* Open pressies, eat, drink, swim, be merry, and hopefully share some bubbly with sis. Say goodbye to Hubba who has to work at 6am next morning. He drives 2hours 30mins home. Kids & I sleep at my sis's.

28th - Spend the day with sis & her family. Hopefully doing not much. Sleep at sis's place again.

29th - Sis will drive her brood and mine to the family farm (1hour). Sleep at Mum & Dad's.

30th - Catch up with all the farm rellies. Hubba driving down after work. We all sleep at Mum & Dad's again.

31st - Wake up, pack the car, drive home (3hours). Just in time for New Year's Eve because we're doing...nothing!!

So my plea is...tell me your Christmas is just as crazy or crazier.
Please tell me I'm not alone!


  1. Oh no. You definitely take the cake for crazy. Although in the past, this has been what we have done. But this year, being in melbourne, we are going to just hang at the beach and do NOTHING! Driving 2 hours from here, we are packing up our pre-prepared fare and the 5 of us will eat, swim and no doubt laugh and fight like the crazies we all are.

    Been lovely to get to know you over the last couple of years Thea.

    Merry Christmas to you and yours. xx Bern

  2. No, I can't beat that itinerary Thea! Good luck getting through it, although most of it sounds like a lot of fun with your family, hope you have a wonderful time!

  3. Mine is the opposite- we had a family Christmas last weekend, but nwo the 4 of us (hub and kids) are in Qld and just suiting myself. Asked my girl what she wants to eat for Christmas lunch that isn't hard to do. She thought for a second and then said "nachos". Nachos it is! Then a swim/surf. :) Good luck getting through yours!

  4. Wow. That's a lot of stuff but it all sounds like fun family stuff. I hope you enjoy your all Christmas and family functions.

  5. Craziness alright, but I hope you had a fantastic time. You are on the tail end now, so enjoy your rest. Happy New Year Hunny!


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