Monday, December 5, 2011

Oh Christmas Tree

As a follow on from my post last week,
"Thinking of a Theme"
today's post is our almost finished Christmas tree...
I was hoping to have an angel on the top this year, to fit the theme.
But I haven't found one yet!
And I couldn't wait another moment to put this post up because there are only 20 days until Christmas and I'm dying to see everyone's tree.

So, here it is, so far.
Our "Wings & Bling" Christmas tree.

I'll update again when the angel is discovered!

I'm posting photos of my favourite ornaments every day until Christmas on my photo blog...
I'd love it if you popped over to  take a peek.

If you have a gorgeous tree that you would like to show off,
please, please, please
link up below.

And just for your listening pleasure...enjoy!


  1. I love seeing people's Christmas trees. :-)

  2. That tree is STUNNING Thea, just a beautiful twinkling delight.
    I would definitely link up, but we don't have a tree this year, due to Mr 16 month old, who pulls everything and anything down, likes to climb and pretty much destroy. I have however, decorated the house in other ways. I'll post about that soon :o) xo

  3. Wow! Bling is right! Your tree is gorgeous, Thea.

  4. Love the gold theme. Gorgeous! Great linky idea. N x

  5. Gorgeous tree, so bright and beautiful. Amazing job, really!

  6. Beautiful tree! I love the swan ornaments :)

  7. It is gorgeous - I love the wings and bling :) Great idea as I adore seeing everyones trees :) xx


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