Thursday, December 22, 2011

Polly on Christmas Day

Dani from Danimezza seems to have abandoned Polly
which makes me sad because the Polyvore Challenge was a creative outlet
that I really looked forward to every week.

So, today I have decided to make up my own theme.
Which is not quite the same because the challenge is trying to make a set out of something I may not have thought of myself.

But anyway, I'm going to be totally predictable and go with Christmas.
Well it is only 3 days away!

This year Polly is having Christmas lunch at a big fancy hotel
(oh wow, just like us!)
and this is what she'll be wearing...
(which is nothing like what I'll be wearing, but as usual is what I wish I could wear!)

**It's okay everyone...she's back! YAY  Have linked this post, click on the button on the sidebar to look at some more pretty Christmas Pollys**

Polly on Christmas Day

Merry Christmas from Polly

Polly on Christmas Day by doireallywannablog featuring platform wedges


  1. I was thinking the same thing Thea.
    I held off creating my own Christmas Polly hoping the challenge would present itself this week.
    I'm waiting till I get a few free seconds at the end of the day to create mine.

    I know what a busy time of year this is though so hopefully it'll be back on in the New Year.

  2. Nice dress! I'd like to think I'd be wearing something so lovely on Christmas day. But I won't be.

  3. Oooh - that's gorgeous.
    Would it look weird over my bathers??!!

  4. Dude, I'm missing Polly so much too. I've linked you in my post :)


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