Saturday, December 17, 2011

Sunday Session

New rules - there are no rules!
On Sundays I play music on my blog.
Old or new or in between.
Related or not.
But always songs I love!
Here are my picks for this week.
You can play along by linking up below.
Can't wait to hear your picks.

Happy Sunday!

I bought Michael Bublé's Christmas CD this week and I SO want to play some of his songs on today's Sunday Session.
But I will hold off until next week...which will be Christmas Day!

So for this week I'm wondering...

Do you have songs that tug at your heartstrings?
Songs that are almost too painful to listen to?

I do.
Quite a few actually.
And they don't just tug, they feel like they're ripping my heart out.
Or, they did, a very long time ago.
But they're still hard to listen to.
Even years...years and years and years...later...
When I hear them and I get all soppy, sappy and emotional.

They all involve boys...
I could tell you the stories that go with the songs, but I don't know if I want to go back there.

Oh, what the hell....

This first song was played at my Year 11 Term Dance. I had a massive crush on a Year 12 boy, who I was quite good friends with. But he was in love with my good friend (our Japanese exchange student) and I didn't know. When she told him to ask me to dance to this song...I ran to the toilets crying. Very sad, but very true.

At the beginning of my second year of college, my very serious boyfriend (of about 9 months) and I were at the new 1st Years' Orientation camp. This song came on. He'd taken me to see the movie twice because he knew I loved it SO much. And when the words, "...and I owe it all to you" came on, he held me and sang it right to my face. I loved that moment. And then a few weeks later he dumped me for one of those new 1st Years!! Do I need to tell you I was heartbroken? I didn't think so.

So anyway, the boy next door (literally) helped me get over that tragedy.  He was a bit younger (than my ancient 20 years). He was gorgeous. And he lived NEXT DOOR!! But I think I was a bit too full on for him because he dumped me after a few months. I listened to this song over and over and over. Do I need to tell you I was heartbroken all over again? I didn't think so.

Then in Third Year, I found a boyfriend back in my hometown when I was on my final school teaching prac. (who was also a bit younger, and as weird fate would have it, was a very good friend of my husband at primary school). He inspired me to write a song. Funnily enough, it was very VERY similar to this one. Which I listened to over and over and over again during the week because I only saw him on weekends. I taped myself playing and singing my own song and gave it to him. *Cringe* I don't even know if I have a copy now. It all ended slowly but very badly. I'm definitely not going there.

And a really difficult one to hear is this one, that my best friend (who was my maid of honour)'s boyfriend sang at my first need for further explanation, I'm sure.

So it seems I had a bit of boy trouble in my younger years!
Did you?
Thank God I found the right one in the end!!

What songs make you think of old boyfriends?


  1. Always - Bon Jovi. Massive heart break there for me! Love all your songs this week!

  2. oh dear... all those memories! Yes... I remember all of those boys!

  3. I slow danced with Will for the first time to More Than Words, and when he went away for six months due to Canadian immigration problems (LOOOONG story), Richard Marx's song was one I listened to often.

    I had to laugh at the thought of your recorded song, yikes! Funny in retrospect.

  4. All songs from when I was growing up too. Too many songs to recall with all previous boyfriends being musos...and too long ago! Thank goodness!!

  5. Gosh I remember all these songs.

    Thankfully I don't have any songs that remind me of old boyfriends.

  6. It really was an era of cool love songs. They don't come with the same flavour these days.

  7. Wow a recorded ode!
    I feel your pain - I once gave a live performance to an old boyfriend I was attempting to get back in good graces with… double cringe.

  8. All those memories wrapped up in music! It's lovely that a song can take you back to a point in time, when it is a good memory - but not so much when it isn't!


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