Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Where I Sew

Recently I read the lovely Al from Life In A Pink Fibro's posts called 'Where Do You Write?'
I don't write, I sew.
And up until yesterday I was sewing here...

Yes, that's right, it was in the not-yet-renovated-kitchen next to the microwave, the kettle and the toaster!
There wasn't much of a view and it was stinking hot.
But I sewed nine aprons, a Chrismas dress for Miss 4 and countless Christmas coasters, among other things, right there.

My sewing machines have lived and worked in almost every room of this house...apart from the bathroom.
And today they moved again.
Now they live here...

Look at my little 20-something year old Janome.
Isn't it cute?
 I don't know why I didn't do this earlier.
It's the corner of our bedroom, which isn't ideal.
But it's a big room, it has lots of windows with lovely views.
And air-conditioning!!

Oh yes, I think my machines and I will be very happy in here...
until I get a real sewing day....

Where do you sew?
Or write?
Or do whatever it is you do?


  1. Your new spot looks wonderful Thea and you have the bed to lay fabric and projects on to have a good look.
    Good natural lighting and air-con sounds great, plus you can shut the door and leave things undisturbed/unseen if necessary.

    I sew on my 26 year old Janome on the dining table, which is where we homeschool, craft and eat every meal (the 10 of us). After every use I pack it away and store it under an old desk in our bedroom.

  2. Life In A Pink FibroDecember 20, 2011 at 11:28 AM

    Your new spot looks fab!

  3. What a great spot! I hope you find it inspiring, I love all the natural light. Happy sewing!

  4. Oh that looks so much more pleasant!

    I'm lucky to have a huge fourth bedroom that come off the loungeroom which we use as a playroom/sewing studio. It could do with some new furniture but it works really well. The Mister offered to give up the front loungeroom (wii/movie room) to be the girls' playroom so i could have the whole room for sewing but I like being able to create with them playing in the same room.

  5. That looks SO much better Thea. You know I have been changing and moving things around alot lately... and every time I do move something I think "why didn't I do this sooner". So I can totally relate to you thinking the same way about your sewing machines.
    Our place is super small, so I tend to utilise every single bit of space for something. I tend to write (on my laptop) on the lounge or at the kitchen bench. No office space in my house xo

  6. Your new sewing space looks great! You should really be able to get those creative juices flowing in there!
    My sewing space is in 3 places right now. The machines are set up in the living area on an old table, so that I can sew while keeping an eye on bub at the same time. My fabric stash lives in the linen cupboard (which is starting to overflow!) and I have taken over the old pool table that lives in our sun room, overlooking the bay, to do my cutting and pinning and the likes. My partner wants the pool table back... I can't see it happening anytime soon! LOL


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