Monday, January 23, 2012


OK everyone, this ought to make you laugh! This is what being nervous does to me...

School starts tomorrow. My boy will be in Year 2 and my little girl will be starting kindy...again. We tried last year and she wasn't ready. It was the worst day ever, for her and me, and I'm so nervous about doing it all again tomorrow!

So anyway, this morning I realized there were some last minute school things I needed to get (oh yeah, I always leave things to the very last minute!) so I got the reluctant kids in the car and drove to Big W. We picked up the few things we needed then went to the supermarket. Miss4 always sits in the trolley, not in the kiddie seat, in the actual trolley. And as we had a large list I hung the Big W bag on the trolley instead of putting it in so there would be more room. I never do this (this is important'll see....).

We did the grocery shop without any major incidents...tick!
We got back to the car, unpacked the groceries & strapped the kids in...tick!
We came home, unpacked the groceries, I get changed to go down to the treadmill thinking about the new things I'd bought for the kids...THE NEW THINGS FOR THE KIDS!!!!!
I didn't put them in the car, I left them hanging on the trolley...because I never hang bags on the trolley...CROSS!

So what do I do?
I panic.
I'm talking full on panic stations.
I'm yelling to the kids to get back in the car, don't worry about shoes, I'm madly changing back into my 'shopping clothes'.
The kids are running around wondering what the hell I'm talking about.
I yell to them to just get in the car, I grab the car keys, shut the door and realize....I didn't get the house keys!!!... CROSS!

Thankfully we live a 2 minute drive from Big W.
But I'm panicking so much I can barely drive down the driveway.
By the way, did you know if you try to reverse downhill in drive, the car turns itself off?
No? I didn't either until today....DOH!

The whole 2 minutes I'm praying "Please God let the bag still be there" the whole time imagining someone had taken it as a nice little freebie.
But guess what? It was still there, hanging on the trolley...YES!.....TICK!!!

And we were still locked out of the house.

Thankfully, again, my husband works 4 minutes from home, so we drove to the police office (where he works). Once I park I realize I have no idea where his office is. I never go to his work. Thankfully (for the 3rd time) someone was in the carpark. I didn't know who he was, we don't do much work socializing. So I asked if he could tell me if Hubba was inside. He said he was. I quickly told him who I was because clearly he had no idea. He introduced himself as Bruce, shook my hand and led me to my husband's desk. Who got one hellava fright when I stepped into his office because, like I said, I never go to his work. Anyway, I discover Bruce is the new boss and inspector...oh yeah, way to meet the new boss!! Then I hastily grab the key and get back to the kids in the car...(Oh, you're not supposed to leave kids alone in the car? Not even even at a police office? Oh, especially at a police office....gotcha!) and hightail it back home where I can get back to the business of being nervous about tomorrow.

So what was I about to do?
Oh yes, the treadmill.....and breathe......


  1. Laughing so hard right now, not at you but with you!

    And Breathe.........

  2. Oh my goodness! Guess you got a little respite from thinking about tomorrow? I've hung things on the back of the trolley and left them there, but I can't remember if I ever got them back. That's got to be your bad luck quota for the day!

  3. Oh you poor thing! Embarrassing stuff, but loving your honesty.

    Be strong with your daughter tomorrow - kids usually get it together once their parents are out of sight. She'll be fine! xx

  4. I can relate to your panic attack as I have them too, Did some nice person hand your Big W school stuff back to the shops or did you have to buy it all over again?

    (((( Hugs )))) XXXX Kisses XXXX

  5. Oh dear ... Sounds like the kind of thing I would do. Glad it worked out in the end. Breathe. After all this, I am sure it will be fine. x

  6. Thea, I'm out of breath just reading that! I hope you are a little more relaxed now. All the best for tomorrow!

  7. oh dear! some days... you just have to laugh.
    Hope Miss 4 and Mr 7 have a great start ;)

  8. Hee hee.
    I love a good calamity - Fawlty towers style!!
    Thank you, Thea.
    I hope tomorrow goes so much better for you all.

  9. Oh dear , my salty tears are burning my eyes from reading back to school stuff on EWM too.

  10. that is the funniest thing ever. i laughed the whole way through.
    something i think most of us have done. or though my 9 year old went to the corner store the other day with his older brother and left his wallet there with 150 dollars in it.
    only did he realise that it was missing when i asked where all the lollies came from as i had just arrived home and didnt know of the quick trip to the corner store that their father allowed.
    anyway i raced back around in the car and the lovely indian man, who i always thought was abit of a grump. handed it to me and said he knew we would return.
    i took him a lotto ticket a few days later.
    Pen x

  11. Oh you poor thing, what a drama!! Thanks for the giggle though!

  12. oh thea what a day !!
    hope wine o'clock comes early today
    best of luck for tmrw x

  13. Holy crap! I was panicking just reading about your day! Thank goodness everything was still there - rare these days not to have things flogged within a minute!

  14. Oh geez, what a day Thea. You did so well to get it all jotted down, because there were some seriously memorable moments worth recording there.
    Good luck with tomorrow and your little lady starting preschool... my Mr4 also starts a brand new preschool tomorrow... and it is so weird but I distinctly remember reading your post this time last year about your little girl starting and so was my little man. Wow, how a year flies! xo

  15. Oh Thea! I shouldn't laugh! But I am giggling a bit!
    I think we all have days like this... thankfully for most of us they aren't a frequent occurance!!!

  16. That was hilarious! I'm sure it wasn't so much at the time though! It is completely something that I would do, and probably have come to think of it!


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